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Transport 08-11-2018

European cities slow to adopt electric buses

Fully electric buses account for only 9% of urban bus sales in Europe, according to research by Transport and Environment (T&E), a green campaign group. High upfront costs are the biggest barrier to their deployment on a mass scale.
Electric vehicles 10-04-2017

EU funds go begging as Greece remains indifferent to electromobility

The state’s indifference to absorb EU funding combined with unfair tax treatment has left Greece lagging behind in green transports, industry representatives told EURACTIV Greece.
Transport 02-12-2016

Britain paves way for electric vehicles, green aviation

British transport is set for a significant low-carbon boost with several new Government consultations and funding schemed announced over the past few days in a bid to drive a green transport overhaul.
Transport 11-10-2016

Ethanol makers criticise the EU’s ‘biased’ transport decarbonisation goals

The European Commission is in denial concerning the contribution of conventional ethanol to the EU's transport decarbonisation goals post-2020, according to European ethanol producers.
Transport 26-09-2014

Proposal on pollution controls for non-road machinery is out

Stakeholders stick to their guns upon reviewing the Commission’s proposal to curb pollution from agricultural and road construction machinery.
Transport 30-01-2014

London Mayor protests UK block on EU ‘safe lorries’ law

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has written to the British transport minister, Stephen Hammond, protesting British opposition to "safe lorries" legislation in the European Parliament that could save hundreds of cyclists’ lives every year.
Transport 12-03-2013

EU’s clean transport dream faces familiar speed bumps

Plans to kick-start Europe’s low carbon vehicles industry with a huge infrastructure package ran into retro roadblocks at a meeting of EU transport ministers yesterday (11 March), with member states bemoaning the use of public funds to reach ambitious targets.
Climate change 27-02-2013

Poto?nik makes song and dance about traffic pollution

Smoggy roads can be enough to make anyone scream, but they have also inspired Environment Commissioner Janez Poto?nik to offer to write a song and perform it on stage in front of 1,000 people.
Transport 28-01-2013

Brussels mandates roll-out of electric-car ‘recharging points’

The EU has pledged a huge expansion of infrastructure for electric vehicles with binding targets to multiply the number of Europe’s charging stations, part of a new strategy to kickstart Europe’s low-carbon automotive industry.
Transport 18-01-2013

Green cars legislation faces ‘dilution’, says Irish presidency

Tough new EU carbon dioxide emissions targets for cars are facing "dilution" due to heavy pushback from member states with strong auto-industry lobbies, such as Germany, according to an Irish presidency source, who was speaking on condition of anonymity at a press briefing on 16 January.
Climate change 12-09-2012

MEPs OK law on cutting sulphur content in shipping fuels

The European Parliament has approved legislation to slash sulphur levels in shipping fuels, a move environmentalists say will help prevent thousands of deaths linked to maritime pollution.
Transport 02-11-2010

EU’s new transport strategy to put price on pollution

The European Commission wants to make transport users pay for emissions, noise and other harm they cause as part of proposals laid down in a draft White Paper on Transport, seen by EURACTIV.
Transport 06-09-2010

Finland eyes world’s first ‘green highway’

The Nordic country is planning to build a carbon-neutral highway, placing filling stations for electric and biofuel-powered cars, smart lighting systems and clean energy production facilities along the route.
Transport 28-04-2010

Brussels pushes for electric cars

The European Commission has approved a new strategy to promote clean and energy-efficient vehicles in the EU, primarily focusing on the role of electric cars rather than biofuel-powered vehicles.
Transport 05-02-2010

EU ‘wise men’ chief wants more rail, less road

Rail is the perfect answer to respond to the challenge of greening passenger and freight transport, said Felipe González, chairman of the reflection group on the future of Europe beyond 2020.
Transport 15-06-2009

Ministers reiterate support for green railway transport

EU transport ministers yesterday (11 June) paved the way to make rail freight transportation more attractive, as a way of reducing pollution and traffic on European roads.
Sports 15-05-2009

Bicycles touted as ‘first modern post-fossil vehicle’

Cycling is not only good for the health, but can also help tackle global challenges like climate change and oil dependency, specialists argued at the world 'Velo-City' conference in Brussels this week.

Poto?nik: Europe must lead ‘green revolution’

The EU will invest billions in green technologies using a series of public private partnerships (PPPs), Janez Poto?nik, Commissioner responsible for Science and Research, has said in an interview with EURACTIV Slovakia.