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Global Europe 31-10-2016

The Brief: Commission in credibility crisis over Oettinger and Barroso

The European Commission is facing a credibility crisis. If it is not addressed soon, it risks confirming the worst prejudices held about EU officialdom - that it is arrogant, elitist and out of touch.
Oil and Industry 07-06-2013

Denmark’s new NOx tax keeps politicians nervous

SPECIAL REPORT / Denmark’s tax on nitrogen oxide emissions, which was raised during the financial crisis, could be scrapped if it’s proven to have a negative impact on jobs and competitiveness.
Transport 07-06-2013

Shippers under the gun to meet new air quality standards

SPECIAL REPORT / In the Belgian port of Zeebrugge one spring day, a hulking cargo ship waiting to make its 36-hour run to the Swedish port of Gothenburg sat as a model for European and international efforts to reduce vessel emissions.
Climate change 06-06-2013

Ukrainian ecologists call on EU not to fund new coal plants

SPECIAL REPORT / A Ukrainian application for European funding of two new coal plants would cause massive health and environmental damage to local people from nitrogen oxide emissions and other related pollution effects, local environmental campaigners have told EURACTIV. 
Brexit 04-06-2013

British survey exposes ignorance of air quality challenge

SPECIAL REPORT / When a London anti-pollution organisation polled British lawmakers about the greatest risks to public health, most MPs were wrong, ranking traffic accidents or heavy drinking ahead of air pollution as a leading killer of Britons.
Climate change 03-06-2013

Auto pollution exceeds manufacturers’ claims, report says

The gap has widened between the fuel-efficiency that carmakers declare for their models and the reality for drivers, with luxury German vehicles showing the biggest divergence, a study has found.

Seeber MEP: Improve water efficiency without price spikes

Austrian MEP Richard Seeber (European Peoples Party) says differences in regional needs and infrastructure make it difficult to have a one-size-fits-all approach to water efficiency.