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Aviation 16-10-2017

Airbus exec.: EU ‘bonus’ for aviation biofuels may be too little

The European Commission’s proposal to incentivise the production of biofuels for aircraft with a 20% “multiplier” goes in the right direction, says Thierry Nowaczyk from Airbus. The question is whether this is enough to fill the price gap with fossil-based kerosene, he told EURACTIV.com in an interview.
Transport 22-12-2016

Aviation exec: Research in electric aircraft ‘developing very rapidly’

Industry interest in electric propulsion for aircraft is growing fast but the first hybrid-electric jetliner is “at least a decade away”, according to one aviation R&D executive.
Randy Tinseth speaks to EURACTIV at the 2016 Farnborough airshow
Transport 15-07-2016

Boeing: ‘UK’s aviation policy is in question after Brexit’

US aircraft maker Boeing confirmed its commitment to the UK's aviation sector during the Farnborough Airshow. But in the long run, the uncertainty generated by the country's exit from the European Union will be hard for business, says its Vice-President, Randy Tinseth.

Campaigner: Flanders ‘will almost go to war’ over Brussels airport

Flights over Brussels should be more severely restricted in order to protect inhabitants from excess noise levels, says Véronique de Potter from local campaign group Bruxelles Air Libre. But she says the Flemish region, where the airport is situated, "will almost go to war" if flight routes are diverted from the Belgian capital to fly over Flemish territory.
Transport 10-07-2012

Aviation exec: Biofuels are key to industry’s future

The aviation industry has little choice but to turn to biofuels to help meet its commitments to reducing carbon emissions in the decades ahead, argues Alan H. Epstein, an engineer who is vice president for technology and environment at Pratt & Whitney.
Transport 14-03-2011

Boeing: Biofuels ‘vital’ to airlines’ carbon pledge

For US plane manufacturer Boeing, biofuels will be key to achieving the airline's pledges on carbon-neutral growth. "Without biofuels we cannot get there. It is a vital contribution," said Antonio De Palmas, Boeing's president for EU and NATO relations, in an interview with EURACTIV.

Aerospace chief: Industry on track to deliver ‘greener’ aircraft

Industry is on track to ensure "carbon-neutral growth" in the aviation sector from 2020, but strengthened European Union support for research and development (R&D) is vital to help manufacturers deliver the green technologies required, François Gayet, secretary-general of the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD), told EURACTIV in an interview.
Transport 27-02-2009

SESAR chief: Airlines ‘key’ to modernising EU airspace

It is not possible to modernise European air traffic management infrastructure unless competing companies work together and airlines are involved in the development of new technologies to ensure that they satisfy operational needs, the executive director of an EU programme aimed at overhauling Europe's airspace told EURACTIV in an interview.
Transport 12-11-2007

Aircraft emissions: EP plans could ‘destroy our competitiveness’

Proposals put forward by Parliament's environment committee have "the potential to completely kill the competitiveness of the industry", the Association of European Airlines’ General Manager of Communications Françoise Humbert told EURACTIV in an interview ahead of a key vote in Parliament on including aviation in the EU's carbon emissions trading scheme. 
Transport 14-06-2007

Boeing ‘really excited’ about biofuels

The US plane-maker spoke to EURACTIV about plans to fly aircrafts on a 50% biofuels blend in a bid to reduce its carbon footprint. However, it says that it does not expect much from the inclusion of aviation in the EU's CO2-trading scheme.
Transport 14-06-2007

MEP seeks tough line on plane emissions

Including aviation in the EU’s carbon emissions-trading system is the most cost-effective and flexible means of curbing the sector’s fast-growing emissions, German MEP Peter Liese (EPP-ED), Rapporteur on the proposal, told EURACTIV as Parliament prepares to examine the draft Directive.