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Transport 13-01-2017

Plane fuelled by plastic waste completes trailblazing flight

British-born pilot and environmentalist Jeremy Rowsell has made history this week by flying a light aircraft across Australia using a conventional fuel blended with fuel derived from plastic waste. EURACTIV's partner edie.net reports.
Transport 02-12-2016

Britain paves way for electric vehicles, green aviation

British transport is set for a significant low-carbon boost with several new Government consultations and funding schemed announced over the past few days in a bid to drive a green transport overhaul.
Transport 27-09-2016

Europe pushes to further curb aviation emissions

Member states will conduct a last-ditch offensive on a proposal to limit C02 gases emitted by aircraft during the International Civil Aviation Organisation conference in Montreal opening on Tuesday (27 September).
Transport 13-09-2016

EU solicits support for watered down aviation emissions deal

On the eve of the International Civil Aviation Organisation conference in Montreal, the EU is redoubling its efforts to bring in as many countries as possible to limit aviation emissions starting in 2021.
Transport 12-07-2016

Aviation industry preparing for ‘eleventh hour’ deal on emission trading

An agreement on curbing emissions from international flights will be reached at the ICAO general assembly this autumn, according to industry sources, while biofuels continue to struggle to emerge as a long-term solution for greening the sector.
Transport 08-02-2016

ICAO seeks to end rift on new aircraft emission rules

Europe and the United States tried to bridge differences over emissions standards for aircraft on Sunday (7 February) as global aviation leaders prepared to adopt new rules that could affect Boeing and the Airbus Group's production of the largest jetliners and cargo aircraft.
Saudi Arabian airlines planes
Transport 19-05-2015

First major airline fined for breaking aviation ETS law

Saudia Airlines has been fined some €1.4 million by a regional Belgian government for breaching EU carbon emissions rules, making it the first big non-EU carrier to be fined for breaking the EU aviation law.
Transport 17-10-2013

EU aviation carbon charge compromise draws industry fire

The European Commission yesterday (16 October) revived a proposal to charge foreign airlines for emissions over European airspace, drawing the ire of airline groups who say it goes against the spirit of a recent global aviation deal and could reignite trade tensions.
Transport 04-10-2013

UN aviation body reaches consensus on emissions deal

The UN’s civil aviation body reached consensus on 3 October for a roadmap to decide to create a market-based scheme curbing aviation emissions by 2020, but rejected an EU proposal allowing it to apply its Emissions Trading System (ETS) to foreign airlines in the interim.
Transport 24-09-2013

Airlines urge UN deal on emissions to avoid trade war

Airlines on Monday (23 September) urged a UN aviation group to back a mandatory global framework to curb airline emissions, saying failure to reach a deal would revive threats of a trade war.
Transport 25-07-2013

Study: Aviation tax breaks cost EU states €39 billion a year

Fuel and VAT tax exemptions on international flights could provide EU countries with an extra €39 billion a year, a sum approaching Spain’s swingeing budget cut in 2013, according to a new study by the consultancy CE Delft.  
Transport 23-07-2013

EU in last lap of talks on global aviations emissions deal

Diplomatic talks on a deal to curb greenhouse gas emissions from the global aviation industry have intensified recently as EU and US officials try to stave off the threat of a trade war, lawmakers and observers said.
Transport 04-07-2013

Fuel efficiency seen driving demand for new aircraft in EU, globally

Airlines struggling to sustain profits in an era of volatile jet fuel prices will increasingly turn to new and more efficient aircraft, according to industry forecasters who expect to supply more than 7,000 new aircraft in Europe over the next 20 years.
Trade & Society 21-06-2013

Winging it: EU researchers look for novel ways to cut aircraft noise

SPECIAL REPORT / As jet engines grow quieter, European researchers are turning to other parts of aircraft to reduce noise to spare those living near airports and to make the final moments before landing more comfortable for passengers. EURACTIV reports from the Paris Air Show.
Transport 19-06-2013

Airbus, Boeing in long-haul race to market green aircraft

Aviation superpowers Airbus and Boeing are battling to dominate the transcontinental jet market, each vowing to outdo the other in delivering quieter, more fuel-efficient aircraft. EURACTIV reports from the Paris Air Show.
Transport 19-06-2013

Public concern may turn volume down on military jets

SPECIAL REPORT / Though civilian airlines are pressing for quieter, more efficient aircraft, noise output is low on the list of priorities for the sector’s military wing, but there are indications that may be changing.

Copenhagen Airport applies noise lessons to cut air pollution

SPECIAL REPORT / When trade unionists began raising concerns about the health impact of pollution on airfield ground and service crews, including possible links to cancer, the Copenhagen Airport moved to restrict aircraft engine use and shift towards greener service vehicles.
Transport 17-06-2013

Heavy metal thunder: Aircraft grow quieter as rock drones on

SPECIAL REPORT / When jet-powered passenger aircraft first went into service in the 1950s, their engines were as loud as rock bands. Times have changed, but public discord over noise has not. EURACTIV reports from the Paris Air Show.

How volcanoes and airplanes offer lessons for risk taking

SPECIAL REPORT / When Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted in 2010, EU aviation authorities saw little choice but to shut down airspace across much of Europe as a precaution against ash and grit choking aircraft engines.  
Climate change 04-06-2013

Airline industry moves to prevent collapse of UN emissions talks

A proposal agreed to this week by major airlines could rescue UN efforts for a deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation sector, but the industry still needs to lean on governments for the plan to move ahead to prevent the EU from imposing its emissions scheme on the industry, observers said.
Transport 22-03-2013

Low-fare airlines to sue EU for ‘stopping the clock’ on ETS

The European Low Fares Airline Association says it will file a lawsuit against the European Commission’s proposed one-year suspension of the Emissions Trading System's (ETS) application to airlines if the measure is approved.
Transport 04-03-2013

New research fuels global ‘ETS for airlines’ idea

Airlines will only approach the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s goal of ‘carbon neutral growth’ from 2020 with a global market-based measure such as an emission trading system (ETS), says a new study by a leading atmospheric scientist.
Transport 27-02-2013

MEPs vote to give foreign airlines a break on ETS

European Union lawmakers on Tuesday (26 February) backed a Commission plan to suspend for a year a law that would make all airlines using EU airports pay for their carbon emissions, and urged US President Barack Obama to accelerate a global deal.
Climate change 22-01-2013

Airlines pocketed €1.36bn from EU carbon scheme: Report

Airlines profited up to €1.36 billion last year by passing “imaginary” costs from the EU’s Emissions Trading System (ETS) onto consumers, says a study by a Dutch environmental consultancy published today (22 January).