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EU and New Zealand: Partnership powers in the Pacific

Small developing states in the Pacific have traditionally relied on imports of fossil fuels. The cost of the fuel, combined with its price volatility, and the islands' geographic remoteness, are all significant strains on these small economies, write Andrew Jacobs and Michalis Rokas.

Denmark seeks more efficient aviation security

It is essential to review certain regulations regarding aviation security rules and flight times in order to secure an efficient aviation, argues Henrik Dam Kristensen, Danish transport minister.
Transport 06-06-2011

The EU will lead the world towards lower C02 emissions from aviation

Including aviation in the EU's emissions trading scheme does not violate international trade law and will in fact pave the way for other nations to develop their own emissions trading systems, argues Eberhard Rhein.
Transport 22-09-2008

Aviation sector crisis: There will be consolidation, but not a bloodbath

A combination of rising oil prices and weakening demand is "hitting the aviation industry harder than virtually every other sector," according to Eric Heymann of DB Research.
Transport 09-06-2008

Including aircraft operators in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Issues such as whether or not to include outside operators in the future aviation arm of the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) as well as how to determine the emissions cap itself could prove stumbling blocks in the expansion plans, says a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).
Climate change 31-10-2006

Commentary: Dorette Corbey MEP on air-quality directive

Corbey clarifies the Parliament's position on the air quality directive.