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Transport 24-09-2013

Vice-President Kallas opens crucial aviation talks in Montreal

Airlines on Monday (23 September) urged a UN aviation group to back a mandatory global framework to curb airline emissions, saying failure to reach a deal would revive threats of a trade war.
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Transport 20-06-2013
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Renewable energies 06-03-2013

Solar Impulse lands in Brussels

The solar-powered Solar Impulse plane landed in Brussels late on Friday on its first international flight, 13 hours after leaving Payerne airport in western Switzerland. The landing was delayed by about 40 minutes by strong winds. Take-off on Friday morning had already been delayed by fog. Bertrand Piccard, the man behind the Solar Impulse idea, described the flight as a "historic moment", and stressed its symbolic importance for flight using renewable energy.
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Transport 18-10-2012

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