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Energy 10-12-2012

European renewable power grid rocked by cyber-attack

A German power utility specialising in renewable energy was hit by a serious cyber-attack two weeks ago that lasted five days, knocking its internet communications systems offline, in the first confirmed digital assault against a European grid operator.
Energy 15-06-2012

The EU must urgently develop a continental power grid

Germany's decision to go non-nuclear, which has infuriated its neighbours, might one day appear as a blessing in disguise, says Eberhard Rhein.
Energy 10-02-2012

EU’s 10-year power grid plan ‘driven by renewables’

In March, the European Network of Transmission Systems Operators (ENTSO-E) will submit a comprehensive 10-year plan for public consultation which shows that most of the continent’s investments in electricity infrastructure will be “driven directly or indirectly by renewable integration concerns,” ENTSO-E told EURACTIV.

German minister calls for power grid expansion

Germany will prioritise the expansion of an electricity power grid capable of absorbing a growing share of renewable energy, the country's Economy Minister Rainer Bruederle said at an energy conference in Berlin yesterday (18 January).