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EU Priorities 2020 13-03-2013

EU braced for ‘ideological summit’ on austerity v growth

An EU summit opening in Brussels today (14 March) is expected to see leaders offer conflicting views on the economy, with France’s Socialist President François Hollande leading calls for Europe to loosen the austerity policies adopted in response to the eurozone debt crisis. Hollande will find an unexpected ally in UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who also backs a more “flexible” approach to debt policing.
Regional Policy 03-10-2012

Lewandowski: ‘We cannot announce a growth pact and make cuts to Cohesion’

The EU's budget commissioner has come out strongly in defence of cohesion policy, telling EURACTIV France that Europe needed to go beyond austerity measures to support growth in the most deprived regions.
Euro & Finance 29-06-2012

Question marks over €120 billion EU ‘growth pact’

EU heads of state agreed a "European Growth Pact" worth €120 billion at a summit in Brussels, which closed on Friday (29 June). But doubts have been raised about how fresh the money will really be as at least half of the sums will be recycled from existing regional policy funds. EURACTIV France reports.
EU Priorities 2020 26-06-2012

EU summit: Live update

EU leaders are meeting in Brussels on 28-29 June to agree a roadmap for further fiscal and budgetary integration in the eurozone as well as more immediate measures to stimulate economic growth. Below is a summary of the main events leading up to the meeting, starting from the previous summit, which closed on 24 May.

EU leaders set to adopt Growth Compact

European leaders will adopt a ‘Compact for Growth and Jobs’ at their summit on Thursday and Friday in Brussels, stressing the importance of restoring economic growth in Europe, according to the draft conclusions of the meeting seen by EURACTIV.