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Economy & Jobs 08-04-2020

Germany’s post-virus forecast better than expected, say top economists

Germany's five most important economic institutes insist an economic upturn is on the horizon, as part of their biannual spring forecast published on Wednesday (8 April). EURACTIV Germany reports.
Economy & Jobs 07-01-2020

Eurozone growth driven by services, weighed down by industry slump

While the eurozone's private sector stagnated until December 2019, the manufacturing sector saw a prolonged slump. It is the services sector that continues to drive the Eurozone's growth. EURACTIV's partner La Tribune reports.
Economic governance 24-09-2019

French business expansion slows amid sluggish eurozone

France's private sector is growing at a slower rate and has reached the lowest level in the past four months, according to forecasts published by IHS Markit on Monday (23 September). For the eurozone, business expansion fell to the lowest level since June 2013. EURACTIV's partner La Tribune reports.
Economy & Jobs 22-09-2017

European Central Bank: Immigration boosts eurozone labour force

Immigrants have made a large contribution to the working-age population of the eurozone since 2013 and are likely also boosting its labour force, particularly in Italy and Germany, the European Central Bank said.
Elections 03-04-2017

Portugal raises wages and keeps deficit low

While the European left is largely struggling where it holds power, Portugal's government alliance stands out as a remarkable exception. It is raising wages and gaining popularity as well as delivering the lowest budget deficit in living memory.
Euro & Finance 04-01-2017

Energy powers eurozone inflation but growth elusive

Official data showed inflation advancing in major eurozone economies Germany, France, and Spain on Tuesday (3 January), but analysts warned that a return to healthy price rises remains far off.
Euro & Finance 01-09-2015

Moscovici optimistic about Greece’s future and eurozone recovery

European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Pierre Moscovici has said he has “no reason to doubt” the eurozone's economic growth prediction of 1.5% for 2015. EURACTIV France reports
Pierre Moscovici
Euro & Finance 05-05-2015

European Commission sharply cuts Greek growth, primary surplus forecasts

The Commission slashed Greek economic growth and primary surplus projections on Tuesday (5 May), forecasting deeper price falls and a higher public debt as a result of uncertainty that has dogged Athens policymaking since late 2014.
Euro & Finance 21-04-2015

EU finance ministers asked to set Capital Markets Union priorities

The Latvian Presidency of the European Union has called on the EU to set out clear priorities in order to generate momentum for the Capital Markets Union plan to lift growth.
Euro & Finance 10-04-2015

France announces investment push

While EU member states are kept waiting for the Juncker plan, the French government has announced its own plans to reinvigorate investment. EURACTIV France reports
Euro & Finance 21-08-2014

Eurozone business growth slows despite price cuts

Eurozone private business growth slowed more than expected in August, despite widespread price cutting, as manufacturing and service industry activity both dwindled, a survey showed on Thursday (21 August).

‘Female Davos’ backs women quotas on company boards

Despite obvious progress in past decades, participants in the Women’s Forum, also known as the ‘female Davos’, told EU Parliament delegates that more radical solutions were needed to bridge the gender gap.
Euro & Finance 17-01-2014

Eurostat to revise EU’s annual GDP figures higher

The European Union's statistics office will revise upwards the EU's annual gross domestic product figures by 2.4 percentage points when it switches to a new accounting standard in September, the European Commission said on Thursday (16 January).
Euro & Finance 12-11-2013

Brussels to up pressure on Berlin for weak domestic demand

The European Commission will decide this week whether to scrutinise Germany's trade surplus for economic imbalances, which would undermine the nascent eurozone recovery, Olli Rehn wrote in an op-ed in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Economy and justice top of Barroso II final year agenda

The Commission adopted yesterday (22 October) its work programme for the last year of mandate, which draws out an unprecedented framework to ensure respect for European values in member states.

EU agencies push case for solidarity as ‘Social Union’ proposal nears

A week before the European Commission presents its proposals for a "Social Union", four key EU agencies called for social policy to be mainstreamed into Europe's response to the economic crisis on Wednesday (25 September).
Trade & Society 19-09-2013

Despite crisis, European ‘hospitality’ sector remains healthy

The hotel and bar sector in Europe has continued to create jobs across the continent, in particular among under-35s, despite the raging economic crisis, a new report shows.

French pension reform raises concerns in Brussels

As France fails to make in-depth changes to its pension system, the European Commission expressed concerns over the additional burden it could place on the private sector’s competitiveness. 
Euro & Finance 07-06-2013

Berlusconi urges Letta to stand up to Merkel

In an interview with the political daily Il Foglio, Silvio Berlusconi urged Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta to seek a "test of strength" with Germany, saying budget austerity imposed by Berlin was killing Italian companies and putting the euro zone at risk.
Euro & Finance 26-03-2013

German ‘wise men’ slash their growth forecast

Economic advisors to the German government more than halved their forecast for 2013 growth on Monday (25 March), blaming a sharp fourth-quarter contraction and weak prospects for foreign trade and investment.
Future EU 14-03-2013

EU summit wrap-up: Europe, out of the storm?

EU heads of state and government met  for a two-day EU summit in Brussels on 14-15 March, with the worsening employment situation and foreign relations dominating the agenda. France and Italy won support for a growth-friendly interpretation of EU budget rules, while Cameron and Hollande failed to convince partners to lift the bloc's arms embargo on Syria.

Kroes: Industry ‘morally obliged’ to help youth get ICT skills, jobs

SPECIAL REPORT / Europe’s ICT industry has a ‘moral’ obligation to pull behind the Commission’s new Grand Coalition for Digital Growth and Jobs and help young people get jobs, Commission vice president, in charge of the digital economy, has told EURACTIV in an interview.

Commission too optimistic in economic growth forecasts, analyst says

Even if the European Commission seems slightly optimistic about future growth in the EU, some consider the EU executive’s forecast too rosy and warn against underestimating other risks. This has systematically been the case in the past years of crisis.
Global Europe 10-01-2013

High-level group to give green light for EU-US trade deal

The high-level working group on growth and jobs, set up at the last EU-US summit in November 2011, will give the go-ahead to launch negotiations for a transatlantic trade agreement, said Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the EU.