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Economy & Jobs 01-12-2017

Tackle the discrepancies of enlargement to build a genuine social model

To put vigour back into its social model, the discrepancies and contradictions which are the byproducts of the enlargement and deepening of the Union during the last twenty years need to be addressed, writes Alfred Sant.
Lambert van Nistelrooij during the EPP-hearing on the 7th Cohesion Report, 8 November 2017.
Economy & Jobs 23-11-2017

Cohesion funds can stop Europe from moving at different speeds

Cross-border and inter-regional cooperation in cohesion and research & development spending is still limited, but very much needed to prevent a multi-speed Europe writes Lambert van Nistelrooij. To unlock Europe's growth opportunities, the MEP calls for smart regional specialisation and an Innovation Pact 2.0.

Striving for triple-A on social issues

Jean-Claude Juncker’s European Commission has declared its intention to put social issues further up its agenda. Yet, the European Union and its member states need to focus on more than economic growth to foster social justice in Europe, argues Natália Mazotte.
Luigi Epomiceno [WWF]
Agrifood 23-07-2014

True ‘growth’ for Europe’s nature and people

The Italian presidency puts forward smart, sustainable and inclusive growth as one of its priorities, leading the EU in the coming months. But what does this mean, exactly, for the European citizen, Luigi Epomiceno wonders.
Euro & Finance 10-01-2013

Cypriot election: The political problem and the financial crisis

Cyprus' economic adjustment programme and banking sector reforms should be seen as a catalyst that will reinforce macroeconomic and financial stability in the country. Over the longer term, the exploitation of natural gas discoveries should substantially boost growth prospects and help lower debt, writes Stavros Papagianneas.
Brexit 04-01-2013

Europe must embrace micro-multinational enterprise

Europe should create a culture for growth, gearing education and university systems towards technological innovation and micro-entrepreneurship, writes Anna Darmanin.
Euro & Finance 04-10-2012

Time bomb is ticking for Greek ‘savings package’

With the success of the fiscal adjustment programme in Greece uncertain, and the future of the coalition government in doubt, today’s Greece resembles a barrel of gunpowder ready to explode, writes Anna Visvizi.
Euro & Finance 29-06-2012

Proposal to finance European investment, growth and jobs

A key missing ingredient in solving the euro crisis is the urgent restoration of growth, which European citizens demand and several leaders are increasingly stressing. Yet, meaningful actions on a sufficient scale have not yet been taken, argue Stephany Griffith-Jones, Matthias Kollatz-Ahnen and Lars Andersen in a recent study.
Economy & Jobs 27-06-2012

Can Eastern Europe escape the eurozone crisis?

Countries in Eastern Europe have until now shown remarkable economic resilience, after being hit harder by the 2008–2009. But their economic future relies on a new model of growth, argues Jana Grittersova.
Euro & Finance 23-05-2012

Europe Needs a Real Growth Agenda

Government spending does not lead to higher growth, but digital technologies can kickstart the economy and job creation, argues Ann Mettler.

On 1 May, Europe needs to ditch austerity for growth

  The political and social limits of the eurozone’s “austerity-induced recession” are quickly being reached and a new, fairer model of growth must be created, argues Juan Somavía.

Austerity, labour reforms will increase workplace inequality

Workplace inequalities have increased significantly across Europe as a result of the global economic crisis – harshly affecting temporary and low-skilled workers, women and young people – and will continue to do so as more and more countries introduce austerity measures and labour market reforms, says Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead of the International Labour Organization.

EU leaders fail to balance austerity with need for growth and job creation

The decisions taken at the so-called 'historical' summit on Friday risks to plunge Europe in a Japanese-like recession which is going to have devastating consequences on European social model, writes Pervenche Bères, chairwoman of the European Parliament employment and social affairs committee.
Euro & Finance 03-06-2011

A Romanian perspective on European economic integration

The following passages are excerpts from 'European Economic Integration', a new book by senior Romanian diplomat Radu ?erban. His publication analyses from a Romanian perspective the state of Europe's economy, looking into prospects for growth, a 'Tobin tax' on financial transactions and the role of ratings agencies among other issues.
Euro & Finance 28-10-2010

Economic governance: What today’s EU summit debate might look like

The main concern underlying reform of EU economic governance is avoiding another debt crisis, but although this is key, Europe should also focus on fostering sustainable growth for future competitiveness, writes Maria Joao Rodrigues, professor of European economic policies at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and a policy advisor to the EU institutions. In the sketch below, she simulates a debate on reforming economic governance.
Euro & Finance 20-10-2010

Why can’t Romania get through the crisis?

Central and Eastern Europe may have returned to economic growth but this does not include Romania, which needs to face reality and change its policies if it is to emerge from the crisis, writes Romanian MEP Corina Cretu (Socialists & Democrats), a member of the European Parliament's special committee on the financial, economic and social crisis.

What do citizens want? Well-being measurement and European social policymaking

"The gaps in the information which is already available are not a good enough reason for Europe to drag its feet in refocusing policy to ensure that the EU has a sustainable economic and social model capable of meeting the challenges it will face in the future," write Sotiria Theodoropoulou and Fabian Zuleeg, policy analysts at the European Policy Centre, in a December paper.
Enlargement 20-08-2008

Future prospects for Turkey’s economy

Confidence in Turkey’s long-term economic prospects is growing but further labour market reforms, increased spending on education, better transparency of public finances and a more credible monetary policy are required if the country is to maintain its recent impressive growth, according to Rauf Gönenç, the senior officer responsible for Turkey at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), writing for EURACTIV Turkey.

The Lisbon Strategy: the European route to globalisation

The Lisbon Strategy is a challenge for both France and Europe. In France, new presidential and parliamentary cycles are favourable to economic and social reform, argue Yves Bertoncini and Vanessa Wisnia-Weill in this publication from the Robert Schuman Foundation, released in September 2007.

Analysis: A primer on innovation and growth

This policy brief, written by Philippe Agion of the Bruegel think-tank, calls for an innovation and growth strategy in Europe that goes beyond simply increasing spending on research and development.  

Analysis: Policy and regional growth

New results from BAK Basel Economics'  Policy and Regional Growth research programme show that policy can partly explain differences in productivity growth between European regions.