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Health 05-01-2011

Common mobile phone charger to hit EU shelves

A universal charger for phones that can be connected to a computer is expected to reach European consumers in the coming weeks, as new harmonised standards are now available for major mobile phone producers, the European Commission has announced.
Transport 08-04-2008

EU to allow in-flight mobile calls

The European Commission yesterday (7 April) announced new measures that will allow mobile phones to be used on board aeroplanes. But the Association of European Airliners warned that passengers could end up being misled as very few planes are currently equipped with the technology.
Digital & Media 31-01-2007

Mobile phones and health

The explosion in the use of mobile phones during the past decade has been accompanied by much debate on their potential side-effects. A number of studies have been carried out in an attempt to ascertain whether using mobile phones has an adverse effect on health. While it is difficult to disprove health risks, industry points out the inconclusiveness of the majority of studies undertaken thus far.
Security 09-09-2005

No EU-agreement on keeping anti-terror data records

The UK presidency's push toward keeping records of phone and internet communication was blocked in part by protests from telecoms companies.
Digital & Media 01-09-2005

Study: Mobile phones do not increase cancer risk

A long-term study has partially cleared cell phones of suspicions that they may cause cancer, putting a question mark against the idea that more EU regulation is needed in this area.
Health 06-03-2003

Are mobile phones a health risk?

Industry organizations push debate on health risks and mobile phone use in a conference with MEPs.
Health 21-06-2002

Finnish study claims use of mobile phones can cause brain damage

A new study on mobile phone radiation and its effects on human health has been carried out by a Finnish research team. It shows that cells might change due to radiation. However, the danger connected with the changes still has to be further researched.

New safety standard on electromagnetic fields published by Commission

The European Commission has published new a safety standard on electromagnetic fields that will apply to new mobile phone marketed within the European Union. These limits are based on values proposed by the International Committee on non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

Mobile phone patents fuel GSM health debate

Mobile firms patent electromagnetic shields amidst new scientific findings that a correlation may exist between mobile phone use and certain brain tumours

Mobile phone industry under legal attack

Famous American lawyer prepares lawsuits against mobile phone industry following concerns that radiation from mobiles causes cancer