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Future EU 19-09-2012

Two roads towards a European federation

If José Manuel Barroso's ideas for institutional reforms are established, the political consolidation cannot but stabilise the economy and the financial market. The implementation of fiscal union and of democratic union are not conflicting goals, argue Guido Montani and Antonio Padoa-Shioppa.
Future EU 13-02-2012

After the fiscal compact, European democracy

The decision of 25 EU governments to endorse a fiscal compact marked a turning point in the sovereign debt crisis, writes Guido Montani of the Union of European Federalists. Now a debate on the political future of the EU begins.
Euro & Finance 09-01-2012

No to a phoney fiscal union, yes to a federal government

The European Parliament should call a convention where all actors can debate the future of the EU in order to tackle the so-far faulty Franco-German 'directoire', says Guido Montani, vice president of the European Federalists Union.