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  • EU criticises Cameron referendum plan

    Promoted content | Brexit 16-01-2013

    In what could be one of the most decisive speeches on Europe since World War Two, British Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday will set out his plans to reshape the future of Britain in the EU.
    Facing mounting pressure from the Eurosceptic side of his own Conservative Party, Cameron aims at bringing back some of the powers that Brussels currently holds to Westminster.

  • Outrage over Greek plan to blow 30 mln euro on elections

    Promoted content | Elections 12-04-2012

    After calling a snap election for May, the Greek Parliament on Monday approved a 30 million euros budget to finance the campaigns of its political parties. The move has caused outrage inside and outside the country. Greece recently underwent severe cuts in public spending after it received a second bailout fund of 130 billion euros.