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Climate change 07-12-2016

EU decides against tinkering with flagship nature directives

After undergoing a much-criticised European Commission-helmed ‘fitness check’, the EU’s main nature directives have been ruled fit for purpose and will not be rewritten or weakened, in a huge win for environmentalists.
Languages & Culture 09-06-2016

Language discrimination rife across EU

Calls for legislation to be drawn up or even for a Language Commissioner to be appointed have been made, in order to combat a rising number of discrimination cases across the European Union.
Climate change 28-04-2016

Lucas: ‘Worrying’ link between Leave camp and climate change denial

Energy policies would be rolled back, demand for environmental experts would drop and Britain's voice in global climate change talks would be lost if it votes to leave the EU, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas told EURACTIV’s partner edie.net in an exclusive interview.
Climate change 14-04-2016

EU conservation law ‘modernisation’ may weaken protections

European Commission President Juncker wants EU laws on nature conservation modernised. But environmental activists have warned against weakening the current legislation. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Central Europe 20-10-2015

Three Bulgarian national parks to permit construction, NGOs warn

Bulgaria's construction business has always had its eye on buidling hotels, ski slopes and recreational villages in protected areas - but now NGOs have warned that draft management plans could see three national parks open the door to the bulldozers.

‘Better Regulation’ won’t hurt environment, vows Timmermans

The European Commission’s First-Vice President in charge of “Better Regulation” yesterday (3 June) said a controversial “fitness check” of environmental rules would go ahead, despite campaigners’ warnings it could destroy decades of nature protection work.

NGOs fear ‘better regulation’ could hurt environment

More than 100 environmental NGOs said on Tuesday (12 May) that they feared the European Commission may use its better regulation programme to cut nature protection laws. 
Climate change 26-03-2015

Commission hopes to sue Germany over weak conservation efforts

Germany is is not fulfilling its responsibility to preserve biodiversity and maintain protected wildlife sites, causing Brussels to initiate infringement proceedings against Berlin. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Climate change 17-01-2011

Sweden cries wolf – and faces European court

The European Commission is preparing an infringement procedure against Sweden, after it allowed a cull of 20 wolves by 6,747 hunters on Saturday (15 January), in defiance of a request by Environment Commissioner Janez Poto?nik.
Climate change 15-04-2008

Council acts to deter illegal fishing

EU agriculture and fisheries ministers have agreed on the outlines of a system to tackle illegal fishing, but questions remain on whether the rules should apply to Community vessels and how sanctions should be enforced.
Climate change 02-09-2005

Nature project educates European citizens

The WWF has teamed up with the European Commission to launch 'Flying over Natura 2000', an initiative designed to teach Europeans more about the network of protected areas commissioned by the EU.
Climate change 29-06-2001

Member States fail to implement Habitats Directive

WWF publishes unique snapshot on state of implementation of EU's nature conservation law