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Ban Ki-moon, secretary general of the UN [World Economic Forum]
Development Policy 04-08-2014

Local communities bring new hope for Haiti

Haitian communities have taken the reconstruction of the Caribbean country into their own hands, completing the efforts to eliminate cholera that were initiated by the government and the UN, writes Ban Ki-moon.
Global Europe 30-03-2010

Helping to build Haiti’s long-term future

The EU must significantly improve upon its "confused" performance in helping Haiti to recover from January's earthquake if it is "to live up to its claim to be strong in fostering long-term state-building" and successfully "rise to this early test for its post-Lisbon structures," writes Julia Schünemann, a researcher at FRIDE, a Madrid-based think-tank, ahead of an international donors' conference for the shattered country to be held in New York tomorrow (31 March).