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  • EU, world generous with earthquake-hit Haiti

    News | Global Europe 01-04-2010

    Some 50 donors, among whom the largest was the EU, promised a total of 7.3 billion euros for the reconstruction of earthquake-hit Haiti at a conference in New York yesterday (31 March). The EU contribution amounts to €1.235 billion, the bloc's foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton announced.

  • Helping to build Haiti’s long-term future

    Opinion | Global Europe 30-03-2010

    The EU must significantly improve upon its "confused" performance in helping Haiti to recover from January's earthquake if it is "to live up to its claim to be strong in fostering long-term state-building" and successfully "rise to this early test for its post-Lisbon structures," writes Julia Schünemann, a researcher at FRIDE, a Madrid-based think-tank, ahead of an international donors' conference for the shattered country to be held in New York tomorrow (31 March). 

  • EU, UNESCO identify synergies for Haiti

    News | Languages & Culture 18-02-2010

    UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova yesterday (17 February) broke new ground with the EU for enhanced cooperation with the United Nations' educational, scientific and cultural organisation. Her compatriot Kristalina Georgieva, the EU commissioner for humanitarian aid, outlined joint action to help alleviate the Haiti crisis.

  • Dazzling Bulgarian EU nominee wows Parliament

    News | EU Priorities 2020 04-02-2010

    Bulgarian commissioner-designate Kristalina Georgieva scored high marks at a European Parliament confirmation hearing yesterday (3 February), earning repeated applause from MEPs across party lines and paving the way for the approval of the Barroso II team next week in Strasbourg.