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Euro & Finance 04-07-2012

The European banking union?

Socialising public debt is already posing a risk to the still-stable eurozone countries. To do the same thing with bank debt could pull hitherto sound economies into the abyss, argues Hans-Werner Sinn for Project Syndicate.
Euro & Finance 25-08-2011

The trouble with Eurobonds

German Chancellor Angela Merkel successfully stood up to pressure from southern Europe and there will be no Eurobonds. This is a disappointment for markets, but for indebted countries the only way to rebuild is to patiently pursue policies of debt discipline and an end to lax budget constraints, argues Hans-Werner Sinn.
Euro & Finance 28-02-2011

Why Europe needs automatic haircuts

The euro zone requires automatic "haircuts" to accompany its bailouts as the currency union cannot be maintained without market discipline, writes Hans-Werner Sinn, an economist at the University of Munich.
Euro & Finance 30-08-2010

Gazelles and Turtles

The financial crisis is over but the world is currently divided into two groups: those countries that are recovering strongly and those that are lagging behind with new potential problems, writes Hans-Werner Sinn, professor of economics and public finance at the University of Munich and president of the Ifo Institute, in an August op-ed.
Euro & Finance 28-06-2010

What euro crisis?

It would be premature to sound the euro's death toll over market reactions to the Greek bailout, argues Hans-Werner Sinn, professor of economics and public finance at the University of Munich and president of the Ifo Institute, in an op-ed. 
Euro & Finance 26-08-2009

Good and bad speculation

"Many see speculation as the reason for the recent capricious movement in oil prices," writes Professor Hans-Werner Sinn, president of the Ifo Institute for Economic Research at the University of Munich, in a July paper. But the reality is a little more complicated, he suggests.

Germany’s economic upswing set to ‘weaken’

The German upswing will continue next year "but will clearly weaken", raising the question of how it first came about, writes Hans-Werner Sinn of the University of Munich.
Transport 22-10-2007

Biofuels: refuelling instead of feeding

Food prices are rising in Europe because it has been too hot and has not rained enough, but also because farmland is increasingly being used for biofuels instead of food production, writes Hans-Werner Sinn, President of the Institute for Economic Research (IFO) and Professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Munich.

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