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Commission seeks to cut plastic bag use

Nearly 100 billion plastic bags were used in the European Union in 2010. Over 8 billion were thrown away afterwards. Many of them end up in the sea posing a huge threat for marine life. In an attempt to tackle the plastic waste produced across the continent and its impact on sealife, Brussels presented proposals on Monday to reduce the use of lightweight plastic bags. Under the new plan, member states will be encouraged to tax or even completely ban their use.
Plastic bag next to the A140 motorway in Suffolk, United Kingdom [Geograph Project]

Brussels looks to cut plastic bag use

The European Commission has released a series of measures to reduce the use of lightweight plastic bags in the European Union and limit the negative impacts on the environment.

African nations vow tougher stance on dumping of electronic waste

African nations have called for continent-wide action to staunch the import of electronic waste, including old computers and mobile telephones from Europe where stringent environmental laws make exporting used goods cheaper than disposing of them at home.

New role for Jeremy Irons: Talking trash in Brussels

People must overhaul their habits of “unadulterated consumerism” if the EU is to curb its huge waste problem, British actor Jeremy Irons told a conference in Brussels.

Ship recycling: EU needs to take responsibility for hidden costs

Shipbreaking on the beaches of South Asia results in disastrous pollution, labour rights abuses, severe injuries and fatalities among workers. Still, the vast majority of European shipping companies continue to avoid the costs of proper disposal by selling their ships to these breaking yards, writes Patrizia Heidegger.
EU Priorities 2020 18-06-2008

Watered-down waste directive gets MEPs’ green light

MEPs agreed yesterday (17 June) to back new waste legislation despite the lack of binding goals for member states on waste prevention, while targets for re-use and recycling are included. NGOs and green groups immediately slammed the directive for not going far enough.
Climate change 18-01-2008

EU threatens Italy with fines over waste crisis

Since December 2007, over 100,000 tonnes of rubbish, including toxic waste, have piled up in the city of Naples and the surrounding region of Campania. The EU has promised to continue ongoing legal action against Italy over its shaky waste legislation, including possible financial penalties.
Trade & Society 13-07-2007

EU waste-shipment rules tightened

On 12 July 2007, a revised regulation on the shipment of hazardous and non-hazardous waste entered into force. The Commission hopes that the new rules will prevent illegal dumping of hazardous EU waste in developing countries, following a 2006 incident in which 16 people in Ivory Coast were killed as a result of a toxic-sludge dump by an EU vessel.
Climate change 27-06-2007

EU ministers to tackle waste and CO2 trading

The agenda of the 28 June Environment Council includes potentially difficult issues such as mercury storage and the revision of the Waste Framework Directive. Negotiations, to be held in Luxembourg, are expected to last well into the night.
Trade & Society 21-06-2007

Parliament votes to ban EU mercury trade

By a large majority of MEPs - 673 votes in favour - the European Parliament has voted to ban EU exports and imports of mercury, starting in 2010.
Climate change 09-05-2007

Progress still slow on vehicle recycling, study shows

Four years after its entry into force, the implementation of the End-Of-Life Vehicles (ELV) Directive is still beset by significant problems. According to a new study, complex administrative requirements and reluctance by some members states to impose additional costs on automakers are among the main stumbling blocks. 
Climate change 29-06-2006

Ministers call for concrete measures on waste prevention

The Environment Council has emphasised the importance of keeping a clear waste hierarchy that puts the priority on prevention, thereby soothing green NGO fears that it wanted to prioritise incineration for generating energy.

Commission opts for hands-off approach on waste policy

The proposed new waste strategy seeks to cut waste generation and boost recycling and recovery through a new 'life-cycle' approach. But it leaves the thorny issue of recycling and prevention targets to EU states.
Climate change 08-09-2005

Parliament votes down bid to clean up old mines

Environmental standards on waste from extracting industries will only apply to new mines and quarries after the European Parliament rejected demands to clean up old and abandoned mining sites.
Climate change 21-11-2003

MEPs want stricter rules on the transport of waste

On 19 November, the Parliament adopted a first reading report strengthening the rules for the shipment of waste.