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Health 09-02-2022

The future of Europe’s healthcare: ending inequalities and improving quality of life for all cannot wait

Socialists and social democrats will ensure health systems are well-resourced, supported by excellent public services, affordable and accessible to all – this is a fundamental part of Europe’s social model and social cohesion.
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Health 20-12-2021

Driving change to address the burden of migraine

Despite being the second leading cause of disability worldwide, the burden of migraine remains under-recognized. Prioritizing improvement through policy can reduce this burden on individuals, society and healthcare systems.
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Health 20-10-2021

How essential is microbial control for the functioning of society?

Within its Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, the European Commission will design criteria to phase out the most harmful chemicals for non-essential societal use. In this article MCEC builds a case on why microbial control technologies are essential.
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Health 04-10-2021

Mental health crisis – a ticking time bomb.

Europe is on verge of a mental health crisis. The devastating impacts of COVID-19 have taken a further toll on people’s mental health and well-being. As we build back our economies and societies, it is crucial to put brain health at the top of the agenda of our recovery efforts.
Agrifood 12-02-2020

New study provides ‘robust evidence’ that sugar tax effective health measure

Soft drinks manufacturers in the UK have lowered the sugar levels in their drinks after the government introduced the Soft Drinks Industry Levy (SDIL) in April 2018 to help combat childhood obesity and related conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, researchers have found.
Health 04-12-2015

Cosmetics industry enters new research era after animal-testing ban

Since the EU banned animal-tested ingredients in 2013 the cosmetics industry has sought new ways to assess chemical safety, for example via a public-private partnership with the European Commission.
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Health 19-09-2013

Vassiliou: EU should promote physical activity and a week of sport

Androulla Vassiliou, commissioner for education, culture and sport, recently launched an initiative on physical activity and called for a 'European Week of Sport'. She said that participation in sports and physical activities was one of the most effective ways of staying physically and mentally fit, and referred to the ancient Greek saying ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’.