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Health 28-09-2016

Parliament wants harmonised criteria for drug pricing and reimbursement

The European Parliament will seek an increased EU role in regulating the pharmaceutical market and controlling rising drug prices, according to a draft report seen by EURACTIV.com.
Health 19-09-2016

Pharma industry ‘cannot escape’ drug price talks, say patient groups

Patient groups and the pharmaceutical sector agree that access to medicines needs to be improved - but the way to do it seems to divide them. EURACTIV.com reports from Sofia.
Health 18-11-2014

Last-line drug resistance poses ‘alarming’ European health threat

More and more infections in Europe are proving able to evade even the most powerful antibiotics, posing an alarming threat to patient safety in the region, health officials said on Monday (17 November).
Health 10-10-2014

Juncker seen making U-turn on medicines policy

Jean-Claude Juncker has ceded to pressure from MEPs and abandoned his plan to return control of medicines and pharmaceutical products to the Industry Commissioner. This responsibility will instead remain in the hands of the Health Commissioner, EURACTIV France reports
EU Priorities 2020 15-01-2010

Dalli: ‘I’ll be the guardian of consumers’ interests’

Emancipating consumers through information will be the guiding principle of John Dalli's mandate as commissioner for health and consumer policy, if confirmed by the European Parliament.

New EU health chief seizes control of pharma policy

Healthcare lobbyists have scored a major victory in convincing European Commission President José Manuel Barroso to give responsibility for pharmaceuticals to the new health commissioner.
Health 31-08-2009

Europe leads global drug discovery: Study

New data shows that Europe is ahead of the United States in pharmaceutical research productivity, contrary to conventional wisdom, argues Professor Donald W. Light in an article published recently in the journal Health Affairs.
Competition 08-07-2009

Big pharma braced for EU probe closure

The European Commission is today widely expected to confirm earlier allegations that big pharma groups are breaching EU competition rules by blocking the entry of cheaper generics onto the European market.
Health 25-05-2009

EU countries set to block pharma ‘ads plan’

Pharmacists expect EU countries to scupper the European Commission's plans to change the rules on how drug companies communicate with patients. In an interview with EURACTIV, John Chave, secretary-general of the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU), said most countries view the proposal, which is a key element of the Commission's pharmaceutical package, as unnecessary.