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Exposure to carcinogens at work in EU’s crosshairs

The EU Agency for Safety and Health at Work has launched a joint campaign with the European Commission and the Bulgarian EU Presidency aimed at raising awareness of dangerous substances at work while sounding the alarm about the surging costs related to cancer.
Health 23-04-2018

Climate change affects workers’ health in all business segments, says French agency

Workers from all business segments are and will be affected by climate and environmental changes, with the exception of risks related to noise and artificial radiations, the French Agency for Food, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety (Anses) said in a study published 19 April.

MEPs adopt stricter limits on carcinogens in the workplace

EU lawmakers on Wednesday (30 August) voted on tough new exposure limits to carcinogenic substances in the workplace, in a move they hope will save more than 100,000 lives over the next 50 years.
Global Europe 23-02-2017

France leads EU on duty of care requirements for multinationals

After four years of debate, France has finally adopted a law on multinational companies’ duty of care. This paves the way for similar laws in Belgium and Spain, although the project is stalled at European level. EURACTIV France reports.

An AAA-rated society for workers’ rights

This European Commission promised progress on social issues, but so far none has materialised. Europe’s workers need job security, well-defined right and a fair standard of living, writes Oliver Roethig.
Health 25-04-2016

EU decision-makers have done far too little on safety in the workplace

The challenges facing Europe today, to tackle climate change and to create new sustainable jobs, give us an opportunity to also improve people’s working lives and health, argues Rudy De Leeuw on the International Workers’ Memorial Day (IWMD).
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Health and safety at work: Priorities and gender challenges

ETUI Senior Researcher Aida Ponce talks to ETUC Confederal Secretary Esther Lynch about the priorities and gender challenges that employees face at their workplace.

Protecting citizens from hazardous chemicals is in everyone’s interest

Hazardous chemicals are a vital part of many industries, but lax and inconsistent safety standards put workers' health and lives at risk all over the world, writes Christian Friis Bach. 

Labour market expert: We need active EU policies on health at work

SPECIAL REPORT / With changing demographics putting pressure on the European labour markets, EU countries need to put in place healthy and sustainable work systems, argues Serge Volkoff.

Life-long learning can transform EU labour markets, experts say

SPECIAL REPORT / With increased life expectancies and an ageing workforce, politicians and employers alike must invest in life-long learning programmes so that workers fully adapt to new working conditions and are able to seize new opportunities, experts say.

EU pressed pause button on ‘quality’ jobs

SPECIAL REPORT / Brussels has postponed the adoption of the European health and safety strategy which since 2002 has allowed member states to move on an equal footing to protect workers. Putting the strategy on the backburner will undermine the sound functioning of the labour market, experts told EURACTIV.
EU Priorities 2020 15-01-2010

Dalli: ‘I’ll be the guardian of consumers’ interests’

Emancipating consumers through information will be the guiding principle of John Dalli's mandate as commissioner for health and consumer policy, if confirmed by the European Parliament.
Health 09-05-2008

Commission to sound out medical devices market

With a plethora of directives currently regulating the market for medical devices such as syringes and pacemakers, the Commission has launched a consultation to streamline legislation in this area.
Health 09-04-2008

WHO: Health effects of climate change already tangible

As the health effects of climate change are already being observed, the EU should quickly boost its response capacity by improving early warning and surveillance of infectious diseases and establishing a sound communication system with the population, argues the World Health Organisation's Dr. Nata Menabde in an interview with EURACTIV. 

EU Court makes workers’ safety subject to conditions

Member states' provisions with respect to health and safety at work can be limited to what is "reasonably practicable", the European Court of Justice said in a judgment on 14 June 2007. 

Commission seeks 25% reduction in work-related accidents

Business organisations have welcomed the Commission's proposals to ensure the implementation of current health-and-safety-at-work legislation, instead of adding new rules, but SMEs are disappointed by the absence of financial-support measures.
Health 10-02-2006

EU to ban lighters that are unsafe for children

Consumers' organisations welcome the Commission's decision banning the import and marketing of lighters that do not respect high standards of safety for children.
Digital & Media 01-09-2005

Study: Mobile phones do not increase cancer risk

A long-term study has partially cleared cell phones of suspicions that they may cause cancer, putting a question mark against the idea that more EU regulation is needed in this area.
Health 10-02-2004

Ombudsman urges European Parliament to enforce rules on smoking

Following its investigation into a complaint by an official, the European Ombudsman has criticised the EP for failing to promote compliance with its internal rules on smoking.

Study: Higher proportion of women in management posts in future EU Member States

A study, published on 24 October by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, examines working conditions in the new Member States and candidate countries.
Health 14-05-2003

EU campaign launched to fight risks of dangerous substances at work

The campaign, launched on 13 May, aims to address companies' lack of awareness of the risks and regulatory duties regarding employee exposure to chemicals, biological agents and other dangerous substances at work.