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Health 22-06-2022

Health brief – Uphill start for COVI on their quest for transparency

After three hearings with no less than three Commissioners, it is clear that MEPs in the recently set European Parliament's special committee on the COVID-19 pandemic (COVI) will have to be persistent if they wish to access the necessary information.
Health 01-06-2022

Health brief – A double punishment for cancer survivors

Many cancer survivors in long-term remission often experience unfair treatment in accessing financial services because of their medical history. While the right to be forgotten is a way to solve this issue, it is implemented in only a handful of...
Health 20-04-2022

Health Brief: Back on vaccination track

Although routine immunisation rates appear to be recovering, the refugee influx from Ukraine into neighbouring countries has presented a further challenge.
Health 23-03-2022

Health Brief: Fake it till you make drugs

A new study shines the spotlight again on the scourge of counterfeit drugs, which have consequences on people's health, confidence in the healthcare system and even the environment.
Health 16-03-2022

Health Brief: Welcome to the ‘supermarket’

In western Poland, a humanitarian centre for Ukraine is open 24/7. A French association travelled from Paris to bring dozens of donations to this place that everyone here calls the "supermarket".
Health 09-03-2022

Health Brief: Leave no one behind

As another Women’s Day has come and gone, the invasion of Ukraine has highlighted the precarious situation of the country's women and put their health needs at the forefront of international discussions.
Health 23-02-2022

Health Brief: Oh, BECA (you’re that special one)

Oh, baby, you are my special one, Marvin Gaye sang, and it could have just as well been about the Committee on Beating Cancer (BECA). But with more and more "special" committees cropping up, the question is: are they 'specially memorable' or 'nothing special'?
Health 07-12-2021

Health Brief, powered by European Diabetes Forum: Time to de-liver

When you think of the leading causes of death and disease in the EU, you would likely think of cancer or something affecting the heart or lungs. You might not think of the liver.
Health 16-11-2021

Health Brief: One Health, One Earth

The COVID pandemic has raised more awareness of how closely our health is interconnected with animals and the environment, the chief scientist of EU’s Food Safety Agency (EFSA) told EURACTIV. Last week, we sat down with Marta Hugas, who leads...
Health 26-10-2021

Health Brief: East lags behind in vaccination race

Europe is now battling new spikes of COVID-19 cases, especially in Eastern member states where there is a lower vaccination uptake. This not only stretches the health systems, but puts the conversation on measures needed to stop the virus spread...
Health 19-10-2021

Health Brief: Health design wins the day

The winner of the DesignEuropa awards has come from the healthcare sector for the second edition in a row, highlighting the increasing importance of a user-friendly approach in developing medical devices. The portable and compact patient monitor IntelliVueX3, developed by...
Health 21-09-2021

Health Brief: DG SANTE’s to-do list

Welcome to EURACTIV’s very first Health Brief! In this first edition, we spoke to the European Commission's director-general for health and food safety, Sandra Gallina, to find out what is in store this autumn when it comes to health.