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Agrifood 04-02-2021

EFSA to add its flavour to nutrition labelling debate

The EU food safety agency EFSA is to provide scientific advice to support the development of a future EU-wide system for front-of-pack nutrition labelling of foodstuffs, including setting conditions for nutrition and health claims on foods.
Agrifood 24-05-2012

Miracle sweetener stevia faces potential EU hurdles

The meteoric rise of Stevia, a natural and healthy alternative to sugar - a holy grail for the food industry - faces possible hurdles in being defined as "natural" in some European Union markets.
Health 24-06-2011

Commission to abolish notion of ‘diet’ foods

Food companies may no longer be able to register normal food products as "dietetic" as the European Commission is proposing to abolish the concept from EU legislation altogether.
Agrifood 11-04-2011

Food industry’s health claims fail EU science test

Only 20% of the claims submitted by the food industry received scientific backing from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the agency said last week.
Health 30-09-2010

EU delays decision on food health claims

The European Commission has decided to delay a proposal regarding permitted health claims made on foods until the end of 2011, following concerns by industry and the incapacity of the European Food Safety Agency to deal with the submitted dossiers.
Health 17-06-2010

Food industry wins battle on ‘traffic light’ labels

The European Parliament yesterday (16 June) voted to make nutrition labelling of pre-packed foods mandatory, but rejected calls by health and consumer organisations' for a traffic light system giving consumers a visual warning for high fat, sugar or salt content of a product.
Health 15-06-2010

Health group calls for ‘usable’ information on food

The European Heart Network (EHN) called on MEPs to back "fair presentation" of the nutritional content of food products and called on the industry to be "more modest with marketing" ahead of a European Parliament vote tomorrow (16 June) on an EU proposal to regulate food information to consumers.
Health 15-06-2010

Heart health expert: Consumers deserve ‘useful’ food information

Ahead of a European Parliament vote tomorrow (16 June) on a European Commission proposal for a Regulation on the Provision of Food Information to Consumers, the director of the European Heart Network (EHN) called on MEPs to back "fair presentation" of the nutritional content of food products.
Health 16-04-2010

Danone withdraws health claims on yoghurts

French food group Danone withdrew health claim applications on two of its bestselling yoghurts on Thursday (15 April), citing confusion about what scientific evidence was required from the company under the process to validate the claims.
Health 12-10-2007

SMEs claim role in the fight against obesity

European food production SMEs have a contribution to make in the EU's fight against obesity, argues Ludger Fischer of UEAPME, calling for the right to participate in the EU stakeholders' platform for action on diet, physical activity and health, to which the organisation is currently denied access.
Health 02-07-2007

Scientific approval essential for food claims

As the EU's health and nutrition claims-Regulation enters into force, any new claims made on food will now have to be examined by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and approved by the Commission.
Health 17-05-2006

General applause for health claims deal

Both the consumer organisations and industry welcome the Council-Parliament compromise on nutrition and health claims on foods.
Health 23-03-2006

Debate on health claims far from being closed

The Parliament's ENVI Committee has adopted its recommendation for the Parliament's second reading on the regulation on health claims in food and drink.
Health 20-03-2006

Consumer groups seek end to misleading health claims on food and drink

Consumer organisations throughout the EU urge MEPs to "vote better the second time" on the regulation on nutrition and health claims and to only allow scientifically backed claims in food and drink.
Health 09-12-2005

Council strict on ‘low fat’ and ‘sugar-free’ claims

EU health ministers are unanimously backing the need to prove health claims scientifically before giving food producers authorisation to make these claims on their products.
Health 25-04-2005

MEPs drop compulsory labelling for ‘healthy’ food

The compulsory labelling of nutrient profiles for food products claimed to be light or healthy was voted down by MEPs in the Environment Committee out of concern that it would discriminate against some products.
Health 08-12-2004

Health ministers discuss way forward for claims regulation

The Health Council has taken note of the progress on nutrition and health claims made on foods since July 2003 and discussed issues such as the paediatrics proposal and the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Health 06-12-2004

HIV/AIDS tops Health Council’s agenda

Health ministers will debate the EU’s strategy on HIV/AIDS, discuss a new proposal on children’s medicines and exchange views on the proposal on nutrition and health claims on food labels.

Policy expert wary about giving EU more powers on public health

Before extending the EU's powers further in public health, more consideration should be given to the health impact of existing EU policies, says Angela Coulter, Chief Executive of Picker Institute Europe.
Enlargement 21-04-2004

Health care systems in Central and Eastern Europe

This report from the French Economic Mission for Enlargement offers a comparative study of health care systems in the different CEECs, including a summary with facts and figures for each accession country.
Health 07-04-2004

EP Committee decides to postpone vote on food claims legislation till late 2004

The EP's Environment Committee has been unable to reach a compromise on the controversial 'claims' proposal. It will now be up to the new parliament to adopt a position later this year.
Health 28-01-2004

Risk communication: addressing the perceived health threats of mobile phones

Industry says science alone will not address public perception and concerns, joins Commission in encouraging further research.
Health 15-01-2004

UK scientists: mobile phones are no threat to health

UK scientists have played down the health implications of mobile phones but recommend that further research be carried out into possible health effects caused by exposure to their electromagnetic fields.
Health 09-01-2004

Consumers and industry clash over new provisions on food claims

Stakeholders have exchanged views on striking a balance between the consumers' right to know and industry's freedom to advertise at a public hearing on nutrition and health claims made on food packaging.