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Health 11-01-2010

Tackling health inequality could boost economy

Addressing health inequality in Europe would provide a long-term economic boost, according to a report launched today (11 January) in Paris.
Health 19-10-2009

Care for patients at home ‘to control health spending’

Switching from hospital care to monitoring and treating patients in their homes will help make public health spending more cost-efficient, according to Edwin Kohl, chairman of healthcare lobby group Costeff.
Health 06-10-2009

EU health chief warns against national budget cuts

Health services across Europe will come under increasing pressure during the financial crisis, according to European Health Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou, who is urging health ministers not to slash public spending on health care.
Health 13-11-2007

Report calls for increased accountability in healthcare

Healthcare systems around the world will become unsustainable by 2015, unless governments adopt new accountability standards on how the money is being spent, argues an IBM report, echoing earlier calls for more transparency in public health funding.
Health 16-02-2007

Healthcare report receives cool reception

An expert panel report calling for more competition to improve efficiency and transparency of healthcare systems has received a cautious welcome from stakeholders.
Health 08-12-2006

Experts advise on health-care sustainability

A report presents government recommendations on how to invest taxpayers' money more effectively to improve the quality of health care and to ensure the financial sustainability of health systems.

Germany reaches agreement on small-scale health reform

Germany's grand coalition has hammered out a reform of the country's underfunded health care system, which relies on a mixture of contribution raises and, for the first time, tax funding.
Health 28-10-2003

Is the US pharmaceuticals industry losing its way?

The EU generally looks to the US as its model for pharmaceuticals innovation. But US companies are showing signs of vulnerability due to competition from generics and a lack of new 'blockbuster' drugs.
Health 25-06-2003

OECD countries spent a record high on Health in 2001

According to a new publication by the OECD, "Health Data 2003" health care spending in 30 OECD member countries reached an all-time high of 8.4 per cent of GDP in 2001. This represents a 0.3 per cent increase from 2000.