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Health 13-06-2016

New medical devices rules should avoid ‘unnecessary’ red tape, industry says

The implementation of new rules on medical devices should avoid extra burdens and unnecessary bureaucracy, health industry officials have told EURACTIV.com.
Health 19-10-2009

Care for patients at home ‘to control health spending’

Switching from hospital care to monitoring and treating patients in their homes will help make public health spending more cost-efficient, according to Edwin Kohl, chairman of healthcare lobby group Costeff.
Trade & Society 18-09-2008

Conceptualising approaches to trade in health care

"Great benefits can be made by opening health sectors to trade and investment integration, but very few countries have undertaken such reforms," write Lucy Davis and Fredrik Erixon in a policy brief for the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE).
Health 06-05-2008

India’s pharmaceutical industry goes global

The global expansion of India's pharmaceutical industry means it is becoming "more and more of a major [...] location" for the sector, says an April study led by Uwe Perlitz for Deutsche Bank Research, revealing that the country ranks alongside China as one of the world's top pharmaceutical markets with the highest growth rates.
Health 13-11-2007

Report calls for increased accountability in healthcare

Healthcare systems around the world will become unsustainable by 2015, unless governments adopt new accountability standards on how the money is being spent, argues an IBM report, echoing earlier calls for more transparency in public health funding.
Health 24-10-2007

Vienna conference sets out priorities for healthcare ICT

Establishing electronic health records and connecting the information with hospital and remote environments such as the physician's office and private homes should be the top priorities for improving the quality of healthcare over the next two years, according to senior healthcare professionals.
Health 07-09-2007

Business eyes eHealth solutions for home care

The financial challenges facing healthcare systems have lead to the increased application of home-based tele-health solutions, market-analysis firm Datamonitor reports.
Health 10-07-2007

Consumer groups sceptical of sunscreen labels campaign

On 9 July 2007, the European Commission launched an information campaign about a new non-binding sunscreen labelling scheme to be applied this summer. The campaign comes amid consumer organisations' warnings that the coexistence of different labelling may cause the public confusion.
Health 14-05-2007

Businesses urge eHealth ‘paradigm shift’

As EU-US experts discussed potential areas for transatlantic co-operation on eHealth, the healthcare IT industry urged governments to pave the way for a definitive change in EU healthcare.
Health 07-10-2005

Immigrants – a challenge for European health care systems

The 2005 European health forum says that immigrants have become the biggest problem group in public health care systems and refers to the health of immigrants as an indicator of successful integration.