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Health 10-03-2022

MEPs support making full use of cohesion policy to abolish health inequalities

The European Parliament has approved an own-initiative report suggesting that cohesion policy funds could be one of the ways to reduce health inequalities, which remain huge across the EU. 
Health 01-03-2022

Could EU’s cohesion policy be the health hero we always needed?

New own-initiative report suggests that we should make better use of cohesion policy to reduce health inequalities.
Development Policy 05-06-2018

Everyone gains from investing in the health and gender equality of women and children

Five million women and children die every year from entirely preventable causes. The Global Financing Facility (GFF) supports the 50 countries with the greatest needs by investing in their health systems but that is not enough, writes Mariam Claeson.
Health 01-02-2017

Poverty and tobacco carry similar health risks, study finds

People on the bottom rung of the socioeconomic ladder may live two years less on average than those at the top, according to a large-scale study published Wednesday (31 January) in the British journal The Lancet.
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Health 05-09-2014

Horizon 2020 must target cardiovascular diseases, health expert says

Vice-president of the Spanish Society of Cardiology Dr. Lina Badimón has called for an increase of EU research and investment only targeted to tackle cardiovascular diseases.
Tonio Borg
Health 04-09-2014

More powers for Brussels could narrow EU’s health gap, says Borg

Giving more powers to Brussels could narrow the gap in the quality of health provision between EU countries, outgoing Commissioner Tonio Borg has said in a farewell speech.
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Health 04-09-2014

ESC President calls on EU to reduce health inequality in Europe

The European Union should reduce health gaps between eastern and western countries, according to Professor Panos Vardas, president of the European Society of Cardiology.
Health 04-10-2013

EU countries urged to invest in reducing health inequalities

SPECIAL REPORT / Austerity-hit member states must avoid deepening inequality when cutting their healthcare budgets, the European Commission said at the European Health Forum in Austria.
Health 26-01-2011

MEPs warn governments not to cut health spending

MEPs have called on member states not to divert money and resources away from health care, concerned that austerity measures will widen health gaps in the EU.
Health 08-12-2010

Europe’s health check shows inequalities

Although Europeans have become healthier and their life expectancy has improved in recent decades, major differences persist in the provision of care services and the presence of risk factors for health across the continent. 
Health 11-01-2010

Tackling health inequality could boost economy

Addressing health inequality in Europe would provide a long-term economic boost, according to a report launched today (11 January) in Paris.
Health 16-02-2009

Commission to tackle ‘unacceptable’ health inequalities

The European Commission is to publish a communication before the end of the year aimed at addressing the growing 'health gap' across the EU and within member states.
Health 09-06-2008

Personalised healthcare

The European Commission is promoting hi-tech solutions to prevent chronic diseases and meet the health challenges of the 21st century. 
Health 25-10-2007

Lifestyle ‘source of health inequalities’

The type of fat eaten, binge drinking and heavy smoking are causing earlier mortality rates in eastern Europe than in the west and hampering the potential for economic development there.
Health 25-10-2007

Interview: ‘Huge health gaps remain inside the EU’

A project examining the health gap between the eastern and western members of the EU concludes that the main reasons for differences in premature death rates and ill-health are lifestyle-related.
Health 19-10-2007

Money matters in obesity

Pressed by lack of financial means, low-income social groups often choose to buy foods high in calories and face difficulties in accessing facilities for physical activity, said participants at a European parliamentary symposium on obesity.
Health 02-10-2007

Survey outlines disparities in EU healthcare systems

Countries that have initiated reforms, such as Austria and Estonia, have gone up in the ranking of the most user-friendly healthcare systems, according to the 2007 EuroHealth consumer index.
Health 21-09-2007

Healthcare services in Europe in 2007: what is at stake?

The differences between the different European health care systems justify the mobilisation of stakeholders at EU level for obvious political and moral reasons, writes Arnaud Senn for the Robert Schuman Foundation.
Health 08-12-2006

Experts advise on health-care sustainability

A report presents government recommendations on how to invest taxpayers' money more effectively to improve the quality of health care and to ensure the financial sustainability of health systems.
Health 05-10-2006

Access to cancer-treatment varies through EU

A survey on cancer care in Europe reveals significant differences in the provision of treatment.
Health 04-08-2006

Finns have heavy health agenda ahead

In addition to promoting 'Health in all Policies', the Finnish Presidency is expected to hammer out political agreements on Health programme 2007-2013, medical devices and advanced therapies.
Health 04-07-2006

Report: Prevention and health promotion should be for older people too

Public health campaigns often forget to address the older generation, it is argued in a report on the health of older people in Europe.

Germany reaches agreement on small-scale health reform

Germany's grand coalition has hammered out a reform of the country's underfunded health care system, which relies on a mixture of contribution raises and, for the first time, tax funding.
Health 23-06-2006

EU’s neighbours need to strengthen their health systems

Poor economic situation can only in part explain the bad health situation in the EU's neighbour countries. Improving the efficiency of the health systems is the way forward, says the WHO.