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  • Commission consults on mental health in EU

    News | Health 18-10-2005

    The Commission has published a green paper on the issue of mental health in Europe. Based on a consultation, to be launched shortly, it will draw up a proposal for an EU-wide strategy on mental health.

  • Commission calls for more EU co-operation on health

    News | Health 11-10-2005

    According to the Commission, the EU needs more co-ordination on health issues to bridge the broad health inequalities gaps across Europe and to fight against health risks such as pandemics.

  • EU health strategy

    Policy Brief | Health 01-09-2005

    The Commission proposal for the EU Health programme 2007-2013 aligns future health action with the overall EU objectives of prosperity, solidarity and security and aims to further exploit synergies with other policies.

  • Kyprianou: I strongly support bans on smoking in public places

    Interview | Health 14-02-2005

    Markos Kyprianou told EURACTIV that promoting healthy
    lifestyles and mental health, as well as ensuring food safety,
    would be among his priorities as commissioner for health and
    consumer protection. He added that it was his ambition
    to have smoking bans introduced in all member states by
    the end of his term. 

  • Commissioner puts health focus on young people

    News | Health 14-02-2005

    Markos Kyprianou has told EURACTIV that since the seeds of many
    diseases are sown in childhood, it is important to target children
    and adolescents in the future health strategy.

  • Report: enlargement has cut mortality in new members

    News | Health 01-12-2004

    A new report argues that the process of accession to the EU has
    contributed to lower levels
    of deaths attributable to the quality of medical
    care in the Central and Eastern European new

  • Stakeholders contribute to health strategy debate

    News | Health 20-10-2004

    In their contributions to the consultation on future EU health strategy, stakeholders have called for better co-ordination between public health and other policy areas, the need for more comparable data on the impact of investments in health and further debate on healthcare.

  • National health systems to be co-ordinated more closely

    News | Health 05-10-2004

    EU ministers have agreed to introduce the system
    of "open method of coordination" for the promotion
    of health and long term care.

  • Health Inequalities

    Policy Brief | Health 10-03-2004

    With the eastern enlargement of the EU, more attention is being drawn to the fact that the citizens of the less wealthy Central and Eastern European countries have poorer health and shorter life expectancy than those in Western Europe. In addition to the east-west gap in health, differences in health between socioeconomic groups have increased in many countries as socio-economic determinants such as education, employment and life-style affect the health.

  • Commissioner Byrne launches EU public health action programme

    News | Health 20-03-2003

    The EU's public health programme, launched on 18 March, has a budget of over 312 million to improve health information and rapid reaction to health threats, as well as to address health determinants.

  • Health Inequalities: The evidence and the options

    Opinion | Health 08-04-2002

    Health Inequalities: The evidence and the options Diana Smith investigates how serious inequalities in health are in Europe and what can be done to reduce them. FORUM: Access to Health   As Europe opens up to the East, Western Europeans are becoming increasingly …

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