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Staying Alive maps AED locations in 13 languages and several countries
Health 04-12-2015

Map to heart health: one French tech startup is getting a boost from health regulation

The Paris-based health startup AEDMAP was founded two years ago after telecoms consultant Paul Dardel realised there were no services to help people find cardiac defibrillators in public places.
Health 13-08-2009


eHealth, one of the priorities of the EU's i2010 programme to boost innovation and jobs, aims to provide user-friendly and interoperable information systems for patients and health professionals across Europe.
Health 07-09-2007

Business eyes eHealth solutions for home care

The financial challenges facing healthcare systems have lead to the increased application of home-based tele-health solutions, market-analysis firm Datamonitor reports.
Health 14-05-2007

Businesses urge eHealth ‘paradigm shift’

As EU-US experts discussed potential areas for transatlantic co-operation on eHealth, the healthcare IT industry urged governments to pave the way for a definitive change in EU healthcare.
Technology 05-10-2004

eEurope – An Information Society for All

eEurope was launched in December 1999 to ensure the EU fully benefits from the changes the Information Society is bringing. eEurope's key objectives are to bringing every citizen, home and school, every business and administration, into the digital age and online. It plans to create a digitally literate Europe, supported by an entrepreneurial culture ready to finance and develop new ideas. eEurope also wants to ensure the whole process is socially inclusive, builds consumer trust and contributes to social cohesion.
Health 04-05-2004

Towards a European health area

Two days ahead of a Ministerial Conference on e-Health, the Commission has unveiled a new action plan to build a European area where patients and professionals would be able to move freely across borders.