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Eastern Europe 24-03-2020

Georgia’s furious fight against COVID-19

Since reporting its first case of coronavirus on 26 February, Georgia has had only 61 confirmed cases of the virus as of 23 March. With 3,320 people placed in mandatory quarantines, the Caucasian country is being lauded as a success story in the global fight against the pandemic.
Health 18-11-2009

Recession sparks mental health crisis

Demand for mental health services has increased over the past 12 months as people struggle to cope with unemployment, debt, home repossession and threat of redundancy, according to a new study.
Health 01-04-2009

Cross-border health plan set to pass despite opposition

A controversial directive on cross-border healthcare is expected to pass through the European Parliament at the end of this month, despite continued divisions between political groups and disagreement among member states.
Health 24-03-2009

Hospital bugs cost EU €5.5bn per year

Healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) contribute to the deaths of 110,000 and cost an estimated €5.5bn every year, but could be dramatically reduced if best practice was shared across the EU, it has been claimed.
Health 14-11-2008

Dutch healthcare system ‘best in Europe’ in 2008

The Netherlands' healthcare system was this week rated the best in Europe by the annual Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI). Experts believe it could serve as a model for US healthcare reform.
Health 02-10-2008

Study highlights ‘massive health savings’ of stricter climate policies

The EU could save up to €25 billion every year by introducing more ambitious climate policies, according to a new study by health and environment NGOs.
Health 10-09-2008

EU health ministers rehearse for major health crises

Gathering for an informal meeting on 8-9 September, the ministers emphasised the need to improve coordination and speed up reactions at European level to enable authorities to efficiently protect the public in case of major outbreaks of contagious diseases like avian influenza, SARS and yellow fever.
Health 05-05-2008

Security and cross-border care ‘to dominate EU health agenda’

Tackling health threats such as avian flu and ensuring safe, efficient and equitable access to cross-border healtcare will be top priorities of the EU public health policy agenda in the years to come, predicted the Commission's public health director, Andrzej Ry?, in an interview with EURACTIV. 
Health 29-04-2008

Commission promotes delivery of long-term care at home

Member states will need to adapt their national health systems to prepare for the expected increase in long-term health services due to the EU's ageing demographics, according to a new study published by the Commission.
Health 05-03-2008

Stakeholders urge action on health services directive

Doctors, patients and citizens alike are urging the Commission to come up with a promised directive on the provision of cross-border health services. They insist that official discussions on the proposal must begin, despite fears they could trigger major negative EU campaigning by some MEPs ahead of the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.
Health 28-01-2008

Confusion surrounds EU’s health services directive

A long-awaited proposal to codify the circumstances under which EU patients can legitimately be covered for treatment received in other member states could be either redrafted, withdrawn or downgraded, EURACTIV has learnt.
Health 07-01-2008

Brussels presses for progress on lead markets for eHealth

The European Commission has called for quick action and strengthened national co-operation on lead market opportunities for eHealth in order to increase economic benefits and improve quality of health services.
Health 06-12-2007

ICT networks prerequisite for healthcare at home

Technologies to deliver healthcare at home can ease the burden of chronic disease in an ageing Europe, but an integrated network enabling interconnection of different medical devices and linking patients to doctors and hospitals needs to be put in place first, argue public sector representatives. 
Health 13-11-2007

Report calls for increased accountability in healthcare

Healthcare systems around the world will become unsustainable by 2015, unless governments adopt new accountability standards on how the money is being spent, argues an IBM report, echoing earlier calls for more transparency in public health funding.

Commission outlines EU health policy strategy

The EU health strategy 2008-2013 focuses on fostering good health among older people and the workforce, protecting citizens from emerging threats and supporting innovation towards more efficient and sustainable healthcare systems.
Health 08-10-2007

New institute to assess value of medical technology

A new institute will aim to bridge the gap between medical technology, innovation and healthcare policy to provide policymakers with evidence of the social and economic value of medical technology, and medical devices in particular.
Health 05-10-2007

UK rethinks national health service

The UK has launched a review of the National Health Service (NHS) to examine the impact of technology and lifestyle choices on the nation's well-being and to make the system more fair, personal and effective. Launching the review, UK Premier Gordon Brown also announced the creation of a new health innovation fund.
Health 02-10-2007

Survey outlines disparities in EU healthcare systems

Countries that have initiated reforms, such as Austria and Estonia, have gone up in the ranking of the most user-friendly healthcare systems, according to the 2007 EuroHealth consumer index.
Health 07-09-2007

Business eyes eHealth solutions for home care

The financial challenges facing healthcare systems have lead to the increased application of home-based tele-health solutions, market-analysis firm Datamonitor reports.
Health 05-06-2007

Stakeholders back EU action on health

Plans for a future health strategy for enhanced European co-operation in the field gets stakeholder support, providing that the strategy respects member states' competencies and focuses on cross-border aspects.
Health 29-05-2007

Interview: ‘GDP growth does not improve quality of life’

"Simply improving GDP and living standards itself does not improve or makes only very slow changes to peoples' assessment of their quality of life," says Eurofound's survey co-ordinator in an interview with EURACTIV.com.
Health 24-05-2007

MEPs reject attempts to introduce healthcare in ‘Bolkestein Directive’

MEPs have rejected a specific EU legislation on health services, but urged the Commission to propose codification of the current case law on EU citizens' right to seek healthcare in other member states, with costs covered by their own health system.
Health 14-05-2007

Businesses urge eHealth ‘paradigm shift’

As EU-US experts discussed potential areas for transatlantic co-operation on eHealth, the healthcare IT industry urged governments to pave the way for a definitive change in EU healthcare.
Health 10-05-2007

MEPs want healthcare back in ‘Bolkestein Directive’

In a surprise vote, the Parliament's Internal Market Committee is calling on the Commission to come forward with a proposal for reintroducing health services into the Services Directive.