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European health systems must prepare for Alzheimer’s

By taking concrete steps today, Europe can be prepared for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The burden of disease is growing, so there is no time to wait. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the need for health system readiness into sharp focus....
Development Policy 08-04-2020

EU announces €15 billion to fight virus in developing countries

The European Union is to put up €15 billion to help poor countries fight the coronavirus epidemic, the bloc's chief announced on Tuesday (7 April).
Economy & Jobs 22-02-2019

EU Commission wants to support health systems better through structural funds

Many regions of Europe for poor medical care because there is a lack of doctors, money or infrastrcture. The Commission is now considering how the structural funds can help in a targeted way. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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Health 22-08-2016

Are young professionals ready to face demographic challenges – and recognize opportunities for health?

The European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) goes into its 19th edition this year. The topic: Demographics and Diversity in Europe – New Solutions for Health.
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Demographic change & increased diversity – an opportunity for European health systems?
Health 20-06-2016
Health 17-12-2015

Bulgaria to tackle ‘nightmare’ health system

Bulgaria's medical system is causing a serious headache for everyone in a country which - despite massive healthcare investment and the most hospitals per capita in the European Union - has the highest death rate across the bloc.
Elections 06-11-2015

Finnish government close to collapse over healthcare reform

Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä said his centre-right coalition government could collapse today (6 November) if it fails to reach agreement on healthcare reforms that envisage spending cuts of up to €3 billion.
Health 19-01-2015

Report: Health in the EU improves, but remarkable inequalities remain

EU member states have achieved significant gains in population health over the past decades, but large inequalities remain both inside and across countries, a new report concludes. 

Patient involvement in policy is essential

"Patient involvement in health-related EU projects is fundamental to patient-centred, equitable healthcare throughout the EU. 'Meaningful patient involvement' means putting the patient at the centre of healthcare policy so that their specific knowledge and experience can feed into the decision-making process," writes Nicola Bedlington, director of the European Patients' Forum, in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV.
Health 19-10-2009

Lobbyist: Homecare key to cost-efficient health spending

Switching from hospital care to monitoring and treating patients in their homes will help make public health spending more cost-efficient, according to Edwin Kohl, chairman of healthcare lobby group Costeff.
Health 19-10-2009

Care for patients at home ‘to control health spending’

Switching from hospital care to monitoring and treating patients in their homes will help make public health spending more cost-efficient, according to Edwin Kohl, chairman of healthcare lobby group Costeff.
Health 07-10-2009

Health ‘forgotten’ in climate talks

Doctors and environmentalists believe the impact of climate change on public health has been largely ignored by policymakers as global leaders step up talks ahead of December's Copenhagen summit.
Health 29-09-2009

Dutch health system retains ‘Best in Europe’ crown

The Netherlands has the best healthcare system in Europe, according to the annual Euro Consumer Index. Dutch healthcare was top of the list for the second year running, this time with an even bigger margin of victory.
Health 24-04-2009

Parliament backs EU cross-border healthcare plans

The European Parliament has passed a landmark directive which would allow Europeans seek healthcare abroad more easily and be reimbursed for the cost of doing so. However, EU member states are still working to iron out a range of practical difficulties before the plan can be formally adopted.
Health 27-03-2009

‘The grey must pay their way,’ says health commissioner

Resolving Europe's ageing population crisis will require radical reform of healthcare and employment policies, a panel of experts said in Brussels yesterday (26 March).
Health 17-12-2008

Ministers divided over EU patient rights

Despite some progress, EU health ministers meeting yesterday (16 December) in Brussels remained divided over a draft directive regarding the application of patients' rights to treatment in other member states.
Health 14-11-2008

Dutch healthcare system ‘best in Europe’ in 2008

The Netherlands' healthcare system was this week rated the best in Europe by the annual Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI). Experts believe it could serve as a model for US healthcare reform.
Public Affairs 02-10-2008

Campaign seeks to boost interest in EU health initiatives

A new campaign by the European Commission aims to reach out to citizens via a website which showcases the bloc's initiatives to improve health care across Europe.
Health 10-09-2008

EU health ministers rehearse for major health crises

Gathering for an informal meeting on 8-9 September, the ministers emphasised the need to improve coordination and speed up reactions at European level to enable authorities to efficiently protect the public in case of major outbreaks of contagious diseases like avian influenza, SARS and yellow fever.
Health 17-07-2008

EU faces ‘long row’ over cross-border healthcare

A recent proposal to ease reimbursement of the health care European citizens receive while visiting other EU countries is just "the beginning of a long row," predicted a top Commission official as German diplomats warned they may challenge the legal basis of the draft directive. 
Health 03-07-2008

EU tables weakened cross-border healthcare directive

A Commission proposal published yesterday (2 July) to make it easier for citizens to seek care abroad could see its effectiveness limited after new clauses were introduced. These would allow member states to require patients to get prior authorisation for foreign hospital care and pay upfront themselves.
Health 30-06-2008

Europe urges more transparency of health spending

As the Commission readies to propose rules to improve cross-border access to health care in the EU, the 27 member states together with 26 other World Health Organization (WHO) European region countries have committed to more accountability regarding the way their health systems are financed.
Health 09-06-2008

Personalised healthcare

The European Commission is promoting hi-tech solutions to prevent chronic diseases and meet the health challenges of the 21st century. 
Health 08-06-2008

Patient mobility

Increased cross-border patient mobility has public finance implications but better co-ordination of national health policies and more co-operation at European level is expected to bring benefits both to patients and health systems. However, the directive on cross-border healthcare remains blocked at European Council level.