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Patient involvement in policy is essential

"Patient involvement in health-related EU projects is fundamental to patient-centred, equitable healthcare throughout the EU. 'Meaningful patient involvement' means putting the patient at the centre of healthcare policy so that their specific knowledge and experience can feed into the decision-making process," writes Nicola Bedlington, director of the European Patients' Forum, in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV.
Health 21-09-2007

Healthcare services in Europe in 2007: what is at stake?

The differences between the different European health care systems justify the mobilisation of stakeholders at EU level for obvious political and moral reasons, writes Arnaud Senn for the Robert Schuman Foundation.
Central Europe 24-07-2003

Healing the Crisis: A Prescription for Public Health Action in South Eastern Europe

This analysis reviews population health and its determinants in South Eastern Europe and concludes that investment in public health is needed in the immediate, medium and long term.