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  • Commission promotes delivery of long-term care at home

    News | Health 29-04-2008

    Member states will need to adapt their national health systems to prepare for the expected increase in long-term health services due to the EU's ageing demographics, according to a new study published by the Commission.

  • Tuberculosis on the rise in Central and Eastern Europe

    News | Health 26-03-2008

    EU data and a World Health Organisation (WHO) report have highlighted the need for improved health systems to deal with a rise in drug-resistant tuberculosis in Eastern Europe and former Soviet states.

  • Stakeholders urge action on health services directive

    News | Health 05-03-2008

    Doctors, patients and citizens alike are urging the Commission to come up with a promised directive on the provision of cross-border health services. They insist that official discussions on the proposal must begin, despite fears they could trigger major negative EU campaigning by some MEPs ahead of the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

  • Confusion surrounds EU’s health services directive

    News | Health 28-01-2008

    A long-awaited proposal to codify the circumstances under which EU patients can legitimately be covered for treatment received in other member states could be either redrafted, withdrawn or downgraded, EURACTIV has learnt.

  • ICT networks prerequisite for healthcare at home

    News | Health 06-12-2007

    Technologies to deliver healthcare at home can ease the burden of chronic disease in an ageing Europe, but an integrated network enabling interconnection of different medical devices and linking patients to doctors and hospitals needs to be put in place first, argue public sector representatives. 

  • Report calls for increased accountability in healthcare

    News | Health 13-11-2007

    Healthcare systems around the world will become unsustainable by 2015, unless governments adopt new accountability standards on how the money is being spent, argues an IBM report, echoing earlier calls for more transparency in public health funding.

  • Vienna conference sets out priorities for healthcare ICT

    News | Health 24-10-2007

    Establishing electronic health records and connecting the information with hospital and remote environments such as the physician's office and private homes should be the top priorities for improving the quality of healthcare over the next two years, according to senior healthcare professionals.

  • Healthcare services in Europe in 2007: what is at stake?

    Opinion | Health 21-09-2007

    The differences between the different European health care systems justify the mobilisation of stakeholders at EU level for obvious political and moral reasons, writes Arnaud Senn for the Robert Schuman Foundation.

  • Survey: EU-wide healthcare system ‘feasible’

    News | Health 22-03-2007

    Nearly half (41%) of Brussels-based opinion leaders believe that member states may share a common healthcare system in the long-term.

  • Healthcare report receives cool reception

    News | Health 16-02-2007

    An expert panel report calling for more competition to improve efficiency and transparency of healthcare systems has received a cautious welcome from stakeholders.

  • EU to study impact of cross-border health care

    News | Health 14-12-2006

    "The core challenge in cross-broder access to health care is to ensure that political goals combine both the objectives of health-care systems and those of the internal market," the Commission has stated.

  • Experts advise on health-care sustainability

    News | Health 08-12-2006

    A report presents government recommendations on how to invest taxpayers' money more effectively to improve the quality of health care and to ensure the financial sustainability of health systems.