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  • Stakeholders contribute to health strategy debate

    News | Health 20-10-2004

    In their contributions to the consultation on future EU health strategy, stakeholders have called for better co-ordination between public health and other policy areas, the need for more comparable data on the impact of investments in health and further debate on healthcare.

  • What future for public health in the enlarged EU?

    News | Health 18-05-2004

    At Open Forum 2004, experts have discussed the way forward on health, taking into consideration health status, challenges to health systems and the situation of healthcare professionals.

  • Study reveals differences in health performance among new EU members

    News | Health 17-05-2004

    The differences in health status and systems between the EU-15 and the new Mediterranean members are small, whereas gaps are wider vis-à-vis the Central and Eastern European entrants, a study finds.

  • Health Inequalities

    Policy Brief | Health 10-03-2004

    With the eastern enlargement of the EU, more attention is being drawn to the fact that the citizens of the less wealthy Central and Eastern European countries have poorer health and shorter life expectancy than those in Western Europe. In addition to the east-west gap in health, differences in health between socioeconomic groups have increased in many countries as socio-economic determinants such as education, employment and life-style affect the health.

  • Healing the Crisis: A Prescription for Public Health Action in South Eastern Europe

    Opinion | Central Europe 24-07-2003

    This analysis reviews population health and its determinants in South Eastern Europe and concludes that investment in public health is needed in the immediate, medium and long term.