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Data protection 15-06-2021

The untapped potential of data-driven healthcare

The COVID pandemic has been a wakeup call on the need to share healthcare data in a commonly usable format. The European Health Data Space would boost health research and underpin the development of personalized medical treatments, says Padraic Ward.
Health 30-09-2020

MEP Patriciello: Strengthening EU powers on health is a must, COVID has shown

Setting ambitious health targets at the European level after the COVID crisis is not only necessary but also dutiful, particularly to combat those diseases that have a negative impact on the life expectancy of citizens, centre-right wing lawmaker Aldo Patriciello told EURACTIV in an interview.
Development Policy 25-04-2016

UNITAID: Health spending in developing countries brings a ‘five-fold return’

Access to new treatments for the big pandemics in Africa has improved, thanks to falling prices, and the ending of medical patents, Philippe Duneton told EURACTIV France.
Francesco de Lorenzo
Health 01-02-2016

Cancer patient organisation: A cancer diagnosis is no longer a death sentence

Cancer patients still suffer from unacceptable discrimination because of the common prejudice that a cancer diagnosis is a death sentence, says Francesco de Lorenzo.
Development Policy 07-01-2015

Mimica: ‘There cannot be a sustainable foreign and security policy without a clear development contribution’

We are starting the most important year for development processes, European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development Neven Mimica told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Health 17-12-2013

Pharma chief: Governments must stop thinking short-term

The EU must continue to invest in the pharmaceutical industry, where Europe has been a leader for many years, but where it's becoming more and more difficult to bring products to the market, says Bruno Strigini.
Health 31-10-2013

EFSA expert: We need to think out of the box on infectious diseases

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is launching a new initiative on infectious diseases after a series of recent outbreaks in the EU, such as the Bluetongue (in Northern Europe in 2006), Schmallenberg (in 2011) and Q fever (in the Netherlands, 2007-2010), explains Franck Berthe.
Health 12-09-2013

Campaigner: ‘For the first time, the EU has power over national health budgets’

As the EU gains more power over national healthcare systems, the health debates in each country are still focused on national issues, says Monika Kosi?ska, from the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), which launched a new think tank to deal with those issues.

Danish retail giant: ‘Why use endocrine-disrupting substances if we can use alternatives?’

COOP, Denmark's leading retailer, with about 1,200 supermarkets, lives by the precautionary principle and has therefore removed all endocrine-disrupting chemicals from its products. This gives consumers a choice, says Malene Teller Blume.
Development Policy 05-08-2013

WHO expert: EU must react to rising number of infections in Eastern Europe

As deaths from infectious diseases rise in former Soviet countries, the EU needs to respond or face health challenges in the future, says Mario Raviglione.
Health 24-05-2013

American obesity expert: What the EU can learn from the US

The United States is often ahead of Europe when it comes to the newest technology but also unhealthy lifestyles. Therefore, the EU could look to the US for solutions on how to deal with obesity, says James O. Hill.
Health 28-03-2013

Swedish minister: REACH must be improved

The EU's REACH law should be strengthened to ban more endocrine-disrupting chemicals, says Sweden's Environment Minister Lena Ek.
Health 08-03-2013

Medical director: Women under-represented in clinical tests

The lack of gender balance in clinical tests affects almost all medical sectors, but is particularly relevant in cardiovascular diseases where only 33% of trials participants are women. On International Women's Day, Marco Stramba-Badiale is calling for an update of the EU's Clinical Trials Directive to address this imbalance.
Health 26-07-2010

Industry leader: Health care ‘should be designed like car insurance’

Decentralisation of health care and according more responsibility to citizens would set the best conditions for the uptake of new technologies Javier Mur, managing director of Accenture's health operations, told EURACTIV in a recent interview.
Health 06-07-2009

Doctors in favour of greater mobility

Post-graduate medical qualifications should be recognised across the European Union in order to remove barriers to the mobility of doctors, Lisette Tiddens, secretary-general of the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME), told EURACTIV in an interview.
Trade & Society 12-03-2009

Drinks industry: ‘We can regulate ourselves’

As drinks companies sign up to new guidelines for Internet marketing, the spirits industry told EURACTIV in an interview that self-regulation is quicker than legislation and insists the industry has no interest in marketing its products to young people.
Sports 14-07-2005

Researcher: EU should identify why young people drop out of sport

A study on why young people are dropping out of sport is a high priority for EU countries, says a leading sports science researcher from the WJH Mulier Institute. He also talks about the Eurobarometer survey on EU citizens and sport plus how comparable EU-wide sports participation could be compiled in the future.