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  • Justine Henin on health and obesity in Europe

    Promoted content | Health 23-09-2013

    Justine Henin, is former World No. 1 tennis player having won seven Grand Slam singles titles, and was the women’s singles gold medallist  at the 2004 summer Olympic Games in Athens. She spoke with EURACTIV’s Jeremy Fleming at the conference “Eat Well, Drink Well, Move… a small step for you a big step for Europe”, held in Brussels last week.
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  • Vassiliou: EU should promote physical activity and a week of sport

    Promoted content | Health 19-09-2013

    Androulla Vassiliou, commissioner for education, culture and sport, recently launched an initiative on physical activity and called for a 'European Week of Sport'. She said that participation in sports and physical activities was one of the most effective ways of staying physically and mentally fit, and referred to the ancient Greek saying ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’.

  • Employment data shows growing job opportunities in healthcare

    Promoted content | Health 09-09-2013

    The healthcare sector is among the rare ones where demand for labour is increasing, according to the European Vacancy Monitor (EVM), a quarterly bulletin published by the European Commission's Employment directorate.

  • Parliament wants stricter rules on food for vulnerable groups

    Promoted content | Health 12-06-2013

    The European Parliament yesterday (11 June) adopted new rules on the labelling and content of baby milks and foods for special medical purposes. These will in the future be better defined in order to protect consumers.

  • EU to impose bigger fines for food fraud after horsemeat scandal

    Promoted content | Health 06-05-2013

    In the wake of the horse meat scandal, the European Commission unveiled plans on Monday to impose bigger fines on food producers who commit fraud.
    The proposal comes after horse DNA was found in up to 5% of EU products labelled as beef, after the Commission carried out food tests across the continent.

  • Child Health: What drivers for a holistic approach?

    Promoted content | Development Policy 06-05-2013

    As part of its efforts to accelerate progress on child survival, the EU has adopted a new communication on Maternal and Child Nutrition. “The effects of poor nutrition represent one of the most serious and preventable tragedies of our time”, states the EC Communication. The same document shows that in many developing countries poor nutrition is an underlying cause of at least one third of all child deaths.

  • Europe slaps full ban on animal testing for cosmetics

    Promoted content | Health 12-03-2013

    Guinea pigs, rats, and rabbits can sleep safe and sound in Europe as of today (11 March) after the last deadline specified in the Cosmetics Regulation entered into force across the European Union, forbidding the industry from using animal testing.

  • Borg on Tobacco and Horsemeat

    Promoted content | Health 05-03-2013

    The Commissioner for health and consumer affairs tells EURACTIV that the horsemeat scandal should be seen for what it is: a fraud rather than a flaw in the regulation. He favours introducing tougher penalties for such incidents, but believes food labelling should be kept as a separate issue.

  • EU ministers to meet over horse meat scandal

    Promoted content | Health 12-02-2013

    As the horse meat scandal spreads across Europe, EU ministers will hold a snap meeting in Brussels on Wednesday to discuss a Europe-wide response to the crisis.

  • Youth and Policy: A Healthy Mix?

    Promoted content | Health 20-11-2012

    A stakeholder workshop organized by Fondation EURACTIV to explore issues surrounding the protection of young people in the policy debate.
    Participants were asked to contribute to a range of ideas designed not to answer all the questions relating to youth and health policies, but to provide a blueprint for how such issues can be addressed in the future. Such issues include:
    Can an age be defined when a young person is no longer "vulnerable"?
    What is the best long-term approach: regulation and protection or education and empowerment?

  • Marian Harkin on Health

    Promoted content | Health 22-10-2012

    EURACTIV's Senior Journalist Jeremy Fleming interviews Irish MEP Marian Harkin on health.

  • Translating Research to Health Innovation: How can forthcoming legislation pave the way for better care in rare diseases?

    Promoted content | Energy & Environment 25-06-2012

    Several European Commission 2012 initiatives will impact healthcare innovation. The Horizon 2020 research programme will seek to link the health industry, public sector and academia in new research clusters. A revision to the Directive on Clinical Trials will seek to promote health research and innovation. Meanwhile, the Transparency Directive will ensure that research efforts translate into faster access to much- needed medicines.

  • Sustainable Consumption

    Promoted content | Health 14-06-2012

    The European Consumer Agenda aims at addressing issues such as consumer information and education and the need to move towards more sustainable patterns of consumption.
    At the same time, the European Commission is working on the development of a harmonised methodology for the calculation of the environmental footprint of products and a meaningful way to communicate it to consumers.

  • E.coli outbreak: EU representatives trade accusations

    Promoted content | Health 07-06-2011

    A European Union proposal to offer 150 million euros in compensation to farmers affected by an E.coli outbreak is insufficient and producers should be fully compensated, Spain's farm minister said on Tuesday in Luxembourg.
    Spanish fruit and vegetable producers have been hardest hit by the collapse in sales during the crisis, after German officials initially blamed cucumbers from Spain for causing the outbreak that has so far killed 22 people.