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Health 04-10-2017

Gastein boss: Drugs access is ‘sensitive’ and cannot be viewed in isolation

Accessibility of medicines is a sensitive issue that must not be examined in isolation. Policymakers, academics, business and patients must be part of the discussion as well as “innovation” because access would not get the focus it needs without it, according to Dorli Kahr-Gottlieb.
Health 09-10-2014

Spanish health trade union leader: We only had 15 minutes of training on Ebola

The Madrid regional government has not given health personnel enough training to deal with Ebola properly, including the Spanish nurse Teresa Romero, who is now the first person in the world to contract the virus outside Africa, says Juan Carlos Mejías. Romero was in contact with one of two ill Spanish priests who died of the disease in Madrid's Carlos III Hospital.
Health 18-12-2013

Patients group: ‘Access to healthcare is a basic EU citizens’ right’

The European Parliament elections and the nomination of a new Commission next year offer a fresh opportunity for patients to encourage policymakers to commit to a healthier Europe, says Anders Olauson.
Health 09-03-2012

Pharma chief: ‘Governments are hitting this industry very hard’

Europe’s debt crisis is hitting health budgets, leading to unpaid bills for pharmaceutical products, warns the head of Europe's pharma industry association, EFPIA, in an interview with EURACTIV. According to Richard Bergström, the industry is near breaking point and the issue needs to be discussed at the highest policy making levels.

Expert: Countries with egalitarian welfare schemes coped better with crisis

Countries with paritarian welfare institutions - those in which pensions, health care and other social protection schemes are negotiated equally between employers and social partners - were significantly better able to cope with the financial and economic crises, Francesco Briganti of the European Association of Paritarian Institutions of Social Protection (AEIP) told EURACTIV.hu in an interview.
Health 05-05-2008

Security and crossborder care to dominate EU health agenda

Tackling health threats such as avian flu and ensuring safe, efficient and equitable access to cross-border healtcare will be top priorities of the EU public health policy agenda in the years to come, predicted the Commission's public health director Andrzej Ry? in an interview with EURACTIV. 
Health 14-02-2005

Kyprianou: I strongly support bans on smoking in public places

Markos Kyprianou told EURACTIV that promoting healthy lifestyles and mental health, as well as ensuring food safety, would be among his priorities as commissioner for health and consumer protection. He added that it was his ambition to have smoking bans introduced in all member states by the end of his term.