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Economy & Jobs 07-04-2020

Any EU Corona Fund must treat the cause, not just the symptoms

Every evening, thousands of Europeans step out of their confinement for a few minutes to applaud the efforts of every health worker involved in fighting COVID-19. The first time I heard it, it gave me a sense of solidarity, shared...
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Health 03-12-2019

How the data wave in healthcare will help improve patient outcomes

Healthcare has never been more accessible, intelligent or dynamic. The increased use of advanced data analytics, connected devices, genomics and AI is ushering in a new era with the potential for real breakthroughs in patient outcomes and operational efficiencies across...
Freedom of thought 19-11-2018

Women’s reproductive safety – the most important moral concern

Women in Europe are still dying because doctors refuse to perform abortions. Caroline Hickson explains why moral concerns should not stand in the way of the primary goal of any healthcare system, to care for and protect its patients by providing quality care for all.
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Politics 22-09-2017

FleishmanHillard is delighted to announce that Mr Claudio Murri and Dr Lukas Pfister have joined the firm as senior advisers

FleishmanHillard is delighted to announce that Mr Claudio Murri and Dr Lukas Pfister have joined the firm as senior advisers to our technology and healthcare practices. Given the accelerating EU agendas in both of these sectors, increasing clients demands and opportunities for growth,...
Clinical trials 03-05-2017

Allowing patients to choose could save billions

The Commission’s recent musings on the social dimension of Europe touches on common drug pricing among member states. But it misses out on solutions for faster access to medicine, Fred Roeder.
Health 13-02-2017

Commission must bring healthcare to the fore

Given that the current European Commission has not prioritised healthcare, it looks as though it is up to the European Parliament to push the agenda, writes Denis Horgan.
Health 31-01-2017

Better Regulation: Are laws aligning?

We are halfway through this European Parliament’s mandate and, as ever, many laws have been voted, with many more to come. But will they be effectively introduced at the national level in the area of health? Denis Horgan asks.
Health 12-05-2016

How will Europe’s health services cope with the refugee crisis?

Mass migration causes serious challenges, but fears that it will overwhelm European health systems are unfounded: we can and must adapt now, writes Helmut Brand.

Europe needs low-skilled migrant workers too

A resolution for the rights of women domestic workers and carers in the EU is due to be voted on 28 April at the European Parliament. This could be a historical step towards equal rights for this category of workers.
Health 14-11-2014

People with intellectual disabilities in the EU deserve proper healthcare

The European Union recognises that the foundation for a healthy society is healthy people.  But it still lags behind in ensuring that its 15 million people with intellectual disabilities can have access to healthcare systems that are prepared in dealing with their situation, writes Meghan Hussey.
Development Policy 08-10-2014

Financing Africa’s future: The fight against poverty

European Union member states fell short of their collective aid commitments by a shocking €39.5 billion last year, writes Tamira Gunzburg.
Health 15-11-2012

Europe needs to fight harder against hepatitis

Viral hepatitis belongs to the group of the top 10 infectious disease killers in Europe with 125,000 patients who die each year. Despite its considerable impact, it receives too little attention by health policymakers although small efforts could already yield major improvements, says MEP Marina Yannakoudakis.
Health 22-03-2012

Standardisation and healthcare services do not mix

Draft EU legislation seeks to bring services under the European standardisation system, with a view to improving their free movement in the single market. Yet in the case of healthcare, such standardisation threatens patient safety, says Dr Konstanty Radziwill.
Health 31-05-2011

Can GPs save health care?

Gary Finnegan analyses a pessimistic report by the Economist Intelligence Unit on the future of health care in Europe.
Health 02-02-2011

Four challenges facing European health care

"Today health is people's main concern, but health systems must face up to four challenges: pragmatism, transversability, accountability and sustainability. The future of our health depends on this," writes Orlando Monteiro da Silva, president-elect of the World Dental Federation, in an exclusive op-ed for EURACTIV.
Health 19-05-2010

Information to patients: as if the Internet were still a walled garden

European cancer patients continue to suffer from a lack of access to quality information and are often lured by untrustworthy sources such as counterfeit online pharmacies. The EU must urgently establish a coherent and comprehensive strategy to allow patients to make informed choices, writes Jan Geissler, director of the European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC), in an April blog post.
Health 16-04-2010

Tele-medicine improves patient care

Numerous pilot projects have confirmed that tele-medicine brings benefits for healthcare providers, insurers and patients – particularly reduced costs – and although risks and obstacles remain, the environment for tele-medicine is set to improve in the coming years, writes Dr. Uwe Perlitz from Deutsche Bank Research in a March paper.
Health 07-04-2010

ICT should be at the heart of healthcare modernisation

Information and communication technology (ICT) is a vital component for the delivery of modern health care and ICT tools can play a key role in making patient care more efficient and streamlined, according to a March report by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).
Global Europe 26-03-2010

Why Obama’s healthcare victory is good for transatlantic relations

The passage of President Obama's healthcare reforms in the US Congress should be good news for America's transatlantic partners, because it shows a convergence between the US and European social systems and may allow Obama to focus more on foreign policy, argues Ian O. Lesser, senior transatlantic fellow at the German Marshall Fund, in a March publication.

Patient involvement in policy is essential

"Patient involvement in health-related EU projects is fundamental to patient-centred, equitable healthcare throughout the EU. 'Meaningful patient involvement' means putting the patient at the centre of healthcare policy so that their specific knowledge and experience can feed into the decision-making process," writes Nicola Bedlington, director of the European Patients' Forum, in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV.
Trade & Society 18-09-2008

Conceptualising approaches to trade in health care

"Great benefits can be made by opening health sectors to trade and investment integration, but very few countries have undertaken such reforms," write Lucy Davis and Fredrik Erixon in a policy brief for the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE).

Aged people are too often denied full human rights

Being particularly vulnerable, the elderly are "often ignored and denied their full human rights," according to the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg, writing on the council's website on 28 April 2008.
Trade & Society 30-10-2007

The reality behind China’s economic miracle

China's economic miracle is largely built on the liquidation of social and natural capital, argues Dale Jiajun Wen in a paper for the Society for International Development – adding that "the country can no longer ignore the problems created by export-oriented growth".
Health 21-09-2007

Healthcare services in Europe in 2007: what is at stake?

The differences between the different European health care systems justify the mobilisation of stakeholders at EU level for obvious political and moral reasons, writes Arnaud Senn for the Robert Schuman Foundation.