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Active ageing 25-01-2021

Pandemic could have far reaching effects on bone health, expert warns

The COVID pandemic may have far-reaching consequences on bone health, due to a combination of lack of physical activity and late diagnosis, according to Jane Barratt, secretary general of the international federation of ageing.
Old people
Health 03-11-2015

Big differences in post-retirement incomes across Europe

A new survey reveals enormous differences in post-retirement incomes in Europe, with the biggest problems in Poland, Greece, Italy and the Czech Republic.
Health 14-05-2014

Tackling age-related diseases through better prevention

In an attempt to address the challenges of ageing and demographic change in Europe, a group of MEPs has agreed to work together to bring disease prevention to the top of the European agenda on active and healthy ageing both at EU and national level.

Europe blind to eyecare policy

SPECIAL REPORT/ MEPs have called for urgent measures to increase eyecare, as Europe's aging population and an uptick in chronic diseases threatens a rapid increase in the numbers suffering from impaired vision.

Ministers back innovation alliance on ‘healthy ageing’

As the EU prepares to launch a pilot innovation partnership on "active and healthy ageing," patient groups are stressing that the initiative should not only focus on medical innovation, but also address age-friendly environments and access to health care.

Report: Number of elderly workers on the rise

A European Commission report on demography, to be presented in Brussels today (November 24), indicates that while the number of over-60s working in Europe is still short of the target set by the Lisbon Growth and Jobs Agenda, there has been a considerable increase during the first decade of the new millennium.
EU Priorities 2020 16-07-2008

French Presidency hopes to improve food safety

The French EU Presidency's health priorities are five-fold: food safety, healthy ageing, cross-border health care, health determinants such as alcohol and tobacco and pharmaceuticals, French Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot told Parliament.
Health 28-11-2007

Malnutrition catches Commission’s attention

With the fight against obesity currently at the centre of politicial attention, the Commission has started to acknowledge that another form of inadequate nutrition - malnutrition - also deserves consideration, particularly in the context of ageing societies.

EU pins hopes on ICT to ease ageing challenge

The EU's upcoming 'Ambient Assisted Living' research programme, due to start next year, is expected to improve quality of life for older people by bringing about more efficient and personalised health care and creating new business opportunities for European industry.
Health 24-11-2006

‘Malnutrition costs more than obesity’

With current policy focus on obesity and decreasing our daily intake of fat, sugar and salt - malnutrition is often forgotten or under-recognised. However, experts say malnourished elderly citizens cost the EU more than obesity.
Health 19-05-2006

Health expenditure & economy

In an ageing Europe, a healthy society and active workforce will be key determinants of sustainable productivity and economic growth and thus key conditions for the EU's Lisbon Agenda to deliver. Human capital has for long been recognised as a contributor to economic wealth, but it is forgotten that people can only accumulate and provide human capital if they are healthy, both physically and mentally. Far too often politics consider health as a cost and not as long-term investment in human capital.

Lisbon, we’ve got a problem!

What European workers want when it comes to balancing life and work is the exact opposite of what the Lisbon strategy foresees, a recent study conducted by French scientists finds.
Health 29-04-2005

Survey draws health and retirement picture of Europe’s elderly

Data on 22,000 people aged over 50 in eleven countries has been made available for scientists and social security planners to understand the challenges of Europe's ageing society better.
Health 11-03-2005

Ageing, Health and Retirement in Europe: Alternative Scenarios for Health, Life Expectancy and Socia

This ENEPRI Research Report deals with the impact of ageing populations and changes in their health status on health care and the utilisation of long-term care services.
Health 28-01-2005

Health Commissioner outlines priorities

The EU's health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou wishes to ensure that people have access to high-quality healthcare and to support EU members in their efforts to make their health systems more efficient.
Health 05-10-2004

National health systems to be co-ordinated more closely

EU ministers have agreed to introduce the system of "open method of coordination" for the promotion of health and long term care.
Health 25-06-2004

Bio-Demographic Aspects of Population Ageing

This ENEPRI Research Report tries to find a definition of what ageing is. In order to do that it attempts to answer the following questions: What does living longer mean? Is living longer and working less mutually compatible? Does living longer mean living better?
Health 13-05-2004

EU health ministers discuss cardiovascular health

An informal ministerial meeting has focused on cardiovascular health, and in particular health determinants, with a view to agreeing a set of recommendations during the term of the Irish Presidency.
Health 01-10-2003

1 October – International Day of Older Persons

In the context of an ageing European society more attention needs to be drawn to the importance of adequate healthcare, volunteer work, social care, and the need to increase the participation of older persons in the labour force.
Health 11-09-2003

The New Old – Why baby boomers won’t be pensioned off

As Europe fears the economic and societal effects of an ageing population, this new report suggests that maybe the picture is not as gloomy as it first seems. Before reaching retirement age, the generation of baby boomers might find a creative solution to the ageing problem.
Health 11-09-2003

Commission report: access to quality healthcare for all remains key

The special focus of this year's European Social Situation Report is the social dimension of health, including comparative indicators for the new Member States and candidate countries.
Health 26-06-2003

Stakeholders startled by health imbalances among European countries

Various interest groups, EU officials and corporate experts discussed the long-term health effects of demographic change on 24 June, based on the findings of a new report.
Euro & Finance 14-05-2003

Cross-Border Portability of Pension Rights: An Important Condition for an Integrated Market for Pens

This report gives recommendations on how pension portability could be improved in the EU based on discussions in a CEPS Task Force on Cross-Border Portability of Pension Rights.
Health 09-05-2003

Commission recommends action to improve cancer screening

The Commission has put forward a proposal for a Council Recommendation outlining best practice guidelines and quality standards for the screening of several cancer types. Cancer is responsible for the death of one million EU citizens annually, killing about one in four people in Europe.