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EU Elections 2019 30-09-2019

A short guide to the Commissioner hearings

The members of the Von der Leyen Commissioner will be grilled by the European Parliament in a series of hearings aimed at evaluating whether they are fit for the job. These are the key elements. 
EU Elections 2014 15-07-2014

Replacement commissioners sail through Parliament hearings

The candidates to replace the four commissioners who took their seats as MEPs passed through hearings in the European Parliament yesterday (14 July). The Parliament is due to vote on their appointments on Thursday.
Central Europe 15-01-2010

Commissioner-designate: ‘I gave general answers to general questions’

At his hearing at the European Parliament, Hungarian Commissioner-designate László Andor was criticised for providing "too general" answers. But many of the questions themselves were also too general, Andor told EURACTIV Hungary in an interview.
Economy & Jobs 15-01-2010

Roma defend EU nominee against ‘anti-Gypsyism’ claims

Maroš Šef?ovi?, Slovakia's commissioner-designate, has won backing from Roma organisations in his country following attacks led by centre-right MEPs who accused him of "anti-Gypsyism".
Central Europe 15-01-2010

Andor: ‘I tried to give the best possible answers’

At his hearing at the European Parliament, Hungarian Commissioner-designate László Andor was criticised for providing "too general" answers. But many of the questions themselves were also too general, Andor told EURACTIV Hungary in an interview.
Future EU 25-11-2004

Barrot cleared by Parliament’s legal service

French Commissioner Jacques Barrot has been given the green light by the European Parliament's legal service. The socialist group had made their acceptance of Barrot conditional on its opinion.
Future EU 18-11-2004

Barroso gets go ahead from EP

The European Parliament on 18 November gave its vote of approval to the new line-up of the Barroso Commission. 
Future EU 18-11-2004

Barroso must make further concessions to get approval

The European Parliament wants guarantees that it will have the power to sack any commissioner that loses its confidence during the mandate of the Barroso commission.
Future EU 15-11-2004

New Barroso line-up under Parliament scrutiny

All major political groups have suggested they could back President Barroso's three replacement Commissioners during Parliament hearings on 15 and 16 November.
Future EU 08-11-2004

New Barroso line-up looks set for green light

The major political groups in the EP have signalled that they can accept the Barroso Commission's new line-up.  
Future EU 02-11-2004

Barroso in renewed search for ‘the right stuff’

After the resignation of Rocco Buttiglione on 29 October, the question now is how far Commission President Barroso will need to go in the announced reshuffle of his team to get approval from the EP.  
Security 29-10-2004

Barroso aims for new Commission line-up in less than a month

With the new Commission no longer to take office from 1 November, the EU has entered uncharted territory. While Barroso has indicated he wants changes only for 'problematic' commissioners, the precise nature of the reshuffle remains unclear. 
Elections 29-10-2004

EPP group hit hard by Commission withdrawal

The EPP-ED group, the biggest parliamentary group with 268 seats, refused to negotiate a Commission reshuffle and pledged its support to Buttiglione until the end. For this group, Barroso's decision is a major setback.
Future EU 22-10-2004

No absolution for Buttiglione

The Buttiglione crisis has deepened with MEPs unconvinced by the conciliation offer from President Barroso. Apologies from the Italian commissioner designate for offences made about homosexual 'sinners' have got him nowhere.    
Future EU 21-10-2004

Socialist MEPs toughen stance on Buttiglione

The 200-strong EP Socialist group insist on no less than a complete change of portfolio for the controversial Italian commissioner Buttiglione. Meanwhile Barroso remains "optimistic" that a solution will be found.    
Future EU 20-10-2004

Barroso in hectic hunt for compromise

The pressure is still very much on Commission President Barroso to find a compromise in the Buttiglione affair. After consulting several EP group leaders the hunt is on to identify the political 'small change' that will satisfy MEPs without offending Rome too much.   
Future EU 19-10-2004

Buttiglione claims he is victim of ‘hate campaign’

The beleaguered Italian commissioner designate Rocco Buttiglione has hit back at MEPs, claiming that he is a victim of an anti-Christian "inquisition".
Elections 15-10-2004

Buttiglione crisis: six days to find a solution

Socialist MEPs have presented Commission president Barroso with a stiff challenge - to resolve the Buttiglione crisis by 21 October. EURACTIV outlines the stakes and positions, and the results of all the commissioner hearings.
Elections 13-10-2004

Looming crisis over the new Commission

The rejections of commissioner designates Rocco Buttiglione and László Kovács are embarrassing blows for incoming Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, who has been asked to reshuffle his team.
Security 12-10-2004

EP committee rejects Buttiglione

Commission President Barroso has been hit by the first real political crisis with the Parliament civil liberties committee's narrow rejection of Italian Commissioner designate Rocco Buttiglione.
Future EU 08-10-2004

Socialist MEPs vent anger at Udre and Buttiglione

The performances of the Commissioner designates for Latvia, Ingrida Udre, and for Italy, Rocco Buttiglione, at the EP hearings have provoked the anger of Socialist MEPs.
Climate change 04-10-2004

Dimas lacks experience for top environment job, say most MEPs

Most political parties and commentators have pointed to Dimas's lack of experience on environmental issues. Pro-business circles were the only ones to welcome his performance at a hearing in Parliament.
Technology 30-09-2004

Reding pledges “innovation, inclusion and creativity” in information society

At her 'investiture' hearing in Parliament, the future Commissioner for Media and Information Society, Viviane Reding, has pledged to relaunch the EU economy through new technologies.
Elections 31-08-2004

New Parliament back to work

MEPs will meet in committees to prepare the questionnaires for the forthcoming hearings of commissioner candidates and to meet the Dutch ministers in their respective areas to discuss the programme of the Dutch EU Presidency.