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Transport 03-04-2018

Ambitious agreement on CO2 emission of heavy-duty vehicles

Coaches, buses and lorries are responsible for a quarter of CO2 emissions from transport. Soon, manufacturers will have to provide data on CO2 emissions and fuel consumption performance of their new vehicles. EURACTIV’s partner le JDLE reports.
Transport 22-09-2015

Five EU countries call for limits on truck CO2 emissions

Britain and three other countries have joined calls for mandatory EU limits on the amount of CO2 pumped out by trucks, which account for 30% of road transport emissions.
Transport 23-05-2008

Commission plans mandatory car-safety technologies

A draft regulation, due to be presented by the Commission on Friday (23 May), seeks to impose the fitting of advanced safety features on all road vehicles in a bid to cut the number of road deaths in Europe, according to an early copy of the text seen by EURACTIV.
EU Priorities 2020 12-05-2003

Commission to present new proposal on driving restrictions

The Commission plans to set up a notification procedure for all driving restrictions for heavy lorries that Member States want to introduce. It wants to ascertain their compliance with the Treaty before rather than after they are implemented.