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Brexit 02-11-2016

72% of UK bankers think London will keep ‘financial centre status’ post-Brexit

Almost three-quarters of British bankers believe London will still be the financial centre of Europe in five years' time, despite risks surrounding Brexit, according to a study published Wednesday (2 November).
Brexit 06-07-2016

Sir Julian King: ‘We now support the evolution of the eurozone, without trying to hold it back’

The man tipped to become Britain's next EU Commissioner in Brussels, replacing Johnathan Hill, spoke to EURACTIV.fr in an exclusive interview before the UK's referendum on EU membership. This is a translated version of the interview, originally given in French.
Development Policy 02-10-2015

Commission says blending of funds produces ‘huge’ results

A senior European Commission official said that recent experience with the blending of funds, combining grant aid with non-grant resources, has shown results that are “too good”.
Jubilee Debt Campaign
Euro & Finance 02-07-2015

Belgium adopts law against ‘vulture funds’

Belgium has passed a law to cap how much so-called "vulture funds" can recoup from government debt bought at rock-bottom prices from countries teetering on the brink of default.
Euro & Finance 11-11-2010

Parliament gives green light to hedge fund rules

The European Parliament approved today (11 November) new rules to regulate managers of hedge funds and private equity groups from 2013, ending long and bitter negotiations over how tough the new regime should be.
Euro & Finance 14-10-2010

EU diplomats mull compromise in hedge funds deadlock

European diplomats worked yesterday (13 October) to break a deadlock in talks aimed at tightening controls on hedge funds in the EU, with officials saying they were considering delaying or granting opt-out clauses on the most controversial parts of the law.
Euro & Finance 29-09-2010

Paris attempts last-ditch power grab on hedge funds

Just as talks on new regulations for alternative investment funds seemed close to the finish line, a French attempt to concentrate more regulatory power in Paris has thrown a spanner in the works.
EU Priorities 2020 14-09-2010

Barnier speaks out on hedge funds, EU budget reform

Reaching an agreement on the regulation of hedge funds is vital for the health of Europe's financial sector, says EU Internal Market Commissioner Michel Barnier. In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.fr, he also backs "new ideas" like eurobonds to finance EU growth policies.
Euro & Finance 19-07-2010

EU to water down hedge fund regulation

The hedge funds row might soon be over, say EU sources, who claim regulation is in sight. Reportedly, funds will likely be able to choose between getting an EU passport to gain access to national markets or getting the private and less stringent licences that they are used to. 
Euro & Finance 25-06-2010

EU hedge fund talks collapse

Talks have collapsed between European lawmakers and national representatives to agree new controls for hedge funds, following a dispute that many fear could spoil Brussels' attempts to overhaul financial regulations. 
Euro & Finance 26-05-2010

Germany may extend ban on short selling

Germany may widen a ban on speculative trades in financial stocks to cover all shares, a draft finance ministry document showed yesterday (25 May).
Euro & Finance 18-05-2010

Hedge funds face uncertain future after EU votes

After the European Parliament approved tighter controls on hedge funds and private equity firms yesterday (17 May), the EU's finance ministers today gave their blessing to a very different proposal, leaving the European Commission with the job of forging a "dynamic compromise" by June.
Brexit 07-05-2010

EU investment funds directive ‘will hurt SMEs’

New rules designed to improve the transparency of investment funds could make venture capital less attractive to small businesses by forcing them to publish commercially sensitive information, according to venture capitalists.
Euro & Finance 22-04-2010

IMF bank levy plans will not catch hedge funds, say critics

A long-awaited International Monetary Fund (IMF) report written for the upcoming G20 talks endorsed a bank levy but cautioned against a transactions tax to fund future bailouts. Critics, however, argue that such a levy will push financial activity towards hedge funds, heightening systemic risk.
Euro & Finance 26-03-2010

EU hedge fund law should not ignore microfinance

The EU's draft directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFM) could have direct implications for the booming microfinance sector, whose specific requirements have not been embraced by the current version of the law, writes Axel de Ville, chairman of the European Microfinance Platform, in a commentary for EURACTIV.
Euro & Finance 19-03-2010

Barnier: ‘I don’t believe in self-regulation’

Business groups and civil society relished the chance to grill the EU's new internal market commissioner, French politician Michel Barnier, at an event in Paris organised by EURACTIV France. Barnier made clear that he was not a fan of self-regulation.
Euro & Finance 16-03-2010

EU hedge fund talks collapse

Talks in Brussels to strike an agreement on regulating hedge funds and private equity came to an abrupt end this morning (16 March) as the Spanish EU Presidency, tasked with brokering a deal, postponed talks because no agreement was in sight.
Euro & Finance 15-03-2010

Offshore hedge funds put EU regulation in doubt

The Spanish EU Presidency is aiming to close an agreement on the draft hedge and private equity funds directive at a meeting of finance ministers in Brussels tomorrow (16 March), with teething problems on foreign fund treatment threatening to derail a deal. 
Euro & Finance 15-03-2010

Venture capitalists: Funds regulation will ‘destroy’ innovation

Two thirds of European venture capitalists would radically reduce their investments if new EU rules on private equity come into force, according to a survey released today (15 March) ahead of a meeting of EU finance ministers in Brussels.
Euro & Finance 11-03-2010

UK, US lash out at France, Germany over hedge fund regulation

There is no case for emergency action to crack down on naked selling of credit default swaps, as called for by France and Germany, British authorities said on 10 March. At the same time, the US warned that EU plans to regulate hedge funds could cause a transatlantic rift.
Euro & Finance 05-03-2010

EU countries to hammer out hedge fund rules

A majority of EU countries are ready to sign off on a precedent-setting law to regulate hedge funds, diplomatic sources told EURACTIV. The law, which had triggered a wave of resentment in the bloc's financial districts, will win EU finance ministers' approval at their next meeting on 16 March.
Brexit 27-11-2009

Investment funds winning war on regulation

The European Parliament appears to be striking the right balance on regulation of investment funds, a sign that the European Commission's proposals were "thoughtless" and "poorly-drafted," members of the investment community told EURACTIV.
Euro & Finance 13-11-2009

EU to consider pay limits for hedge funds

The European Union will consider as soon as this week rules to limit the pay of hedge fund managers, a spokeswoman for the Swedish minister in charge of reaching agreement on the legislation said on Thursday.
Euro & Finance 12-11-2009

EU to bar alternative funds outside bloc

The Swedish EU Presidency is preparing to limit the activity of European alternative investment funds to within European borders, a document from the EU's rotating presidency revealed yesterday (11 November).