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  • France, Britain converge on EU hedge fund rules

    Brexit 21-09-2009

    French financial market regulator AMF has aligned itself with British opinion on the EU draft directive to reign in alternative investment funds, in contrast with the strictly pro-regulation stance of French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

  • EP hedge fund rapporteur: ‘We’ll go ahead with regulation’

    Euro & Finance 04-09-2009

    The European Parliament seems set not to water down EU regulation on alternative investment funds as strongly requested by the industry. The recently-appointed rapporteur on the directive, French MEP Jean-Paul Gauzès, told EURACTIV in an interview that he intends to regulate funds too, rather than just managers as foreseen in the draft text.

  • Pressure mounts over hedge funds directive

    Euro & Finance 03-09-2009

    With pressure mounting over a European Commission proposal on hedge funds and private equity, French pro-regulation MEP Jean-Paul Gauzès has been nominated to steer the controversial draft through the European Parliament.

  • Mayor of London lobbies Brussels against ‘protectionist’ regulation

    Brexit 03-09-2009

    The mayor of London arrived in Brussels yesterday (2 September) to convince the European Parliament and the EU executive that a directive to regulate the alternative investment funds industry would severely damage Europe's financial services industry.

  • EU braced for autumn showdown on financial regulation

    Euro & Finance 31-07-2009

    September will be a hot month in Brussels for the financial services sector, as the EU prepares to nominate its new internal market commissioner and examine new proposed rules on hedge funds amid rivalries between the UK, France and Germany over financial regulation. EURACTIV's network in France and Germany contributed to this report.

  • Interview: EU law set to discriminate against private equity

    Innovation & Industry 06-07-2009

    European Commission proposals to regulate alternative investment funds discriminate against private equity and favour direct competitors like sovereign wealth funds or maverick businessmen, Javier Echarri, secretary-general of the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA), told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • Sweden backs balanced regulation of hedge funds

    Euro & Finance 02-07-2009

    The Finance Minister of Sweden, which took the helm of the EU yesterday (1 July), said hedge funds and private equity firms needed to be regulated, but warned against "overzealous" initiatives as they should not be seen as the primary cause of the global financial crisis.

  • Draft EU law on hedge funds needs rewriting, says association

    Brexit 25-05-2009

    The European Commission's draft directive on hedge fund regulation is potentially ambiguous and needs to be rewritten, an industry body said on Friday (22 May).

  • McCreevy spares hedge funds from tight regulation

    Euro & Finance 30-04-2009

    The European Commission yesterday (29 April) proposed a mild set of rules for hedge funds and private equity firms, requiring mandatory registration and disclosure of their activities to regulators, while at the same time easing their access to European markets.

  • Industry attacks draft EU hedge-fund bill

    Euro & Finance 24-04-2009

    The hedge fund and private equity industries yesterday (23 April) attacked a draft European Commission directive designed to regulate their activities, due to be published next week.

  • Socialists warn Barroso over hedge fund regulation

    Euro & Finance 22-04-2009

    A draft EU proposal to regulate hedge funds and private equity, due to be unveiled next week, was criticised for being too weak by Socialist leaders, who branded the text a "major political mistake" ahead of European elections in June.

  • EU to table private equity regulation by end of April

    Euro & Finance 27-02-2009

    Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy has surrendered to growing pressure to regulate the private equity sector. But a tight schedule before the European elections in June raises doubts as to the scope of measures that can be adopted at such short notice.

  • McCreevy remains vague about private equity regulation

    Euro & Finance 28-01-2009

    EU Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy still has reservations about regulating private equity firms, despite heavy pressure from MEPs and earlier promises made by European Commission President José Manuel Barroso.

  • McCreevy under fire over hedge fund consultation

    Euro & Finance 18-12-2008

    The European Commission will today (18 December) launch a long-awaited consultation to explore possible regulations over hedge funds, sparking fierce criticism from the Socialists, who accuse Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy of postponing genuine intervention from Brussels once again.

  • Sarkozy calls for global regulation summit

    Euro & Finance 24-09-2008

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday (23 September) called for a global summit to address the financial crisis, which he described as the "most serious" since the 1930s amid demands from MEPs for the Commission to introduce legislation aimed at better supervision and greater transparency of speculative funds and private equity.

  • McCreevy isolated as anti-hedge tide grows

    Euro & Finance 23-09-2008

    Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy finds himself in a lonely corner over his opposition to regulating hedge funds and private equity, as the political tide moves towards limiting speculation.

  • Interview: ‘First real step’ to regulate hedge funds

    Brexit 17-09-2008

    By supporting tighter regulation on hedge funds and private equity last week, the European Parliament's Economic Committee may have signalled the end of an era for the financial sector. Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, president of the Party of European Socialists, tells EURACTIV why he thinks events have taken a new turn.

  • EU announces tighter controls on cross-border finance

    Brexit 12-09-2008

    After cracking down on rating agencies, the European Commission and the French EU Presidency have announced tighter supervision of the finance and banking sector in response to the credit crisis which began in the US. EURACTIV reports from the Eurofi conference in Nice.

  • MEPs launch attack on hedge funds

    Euro & Finance 11-09-2008

    Hedge funds and private equity could be forced to abide by minimum capital requirement rules in future if a report adopted by an influential European Parliament committee becomes EU legislation.

  • Managers move to order EU investment funds clutter

    Euro & Finance 24-06-2008

    There are currently myriad funds in the EU, investing in distinct assets with highly differentiated exposures. But tomorrow they could be split into more precise sub-sectors to make life easier for investors, according to EFAMA, the European Fund and Asset Management Association.

  • EU funds increasingly exposed to derivatives, report finds

    Euro & Finance 13-02-2008

    European harmonised funds (UCITS) are increasingly investing in derivatives, but this has so far not generated a higher level of risk in comparison with other funds, according to a survey published by the European Commission.

  • Germany plans law against foreign takeovers

    Trade & Society 31-10-2007

    Germany plans to introduce a law preventing takeovers of strategic industries, in a move directed against sovereign wealth funds orginating in countries such as Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and China. The law also targets hedge funds and state holdings from non-EU countries, such as Russia's Gazprom.

  • Merkel and Sarkozy seek EU action on financial-market transparency

    Euro & Finance 11-09-2007

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have jointly called for more European regulation on hedge funds and rating agencies, in reaction to recent financial-market turmoil.

  • EU debates reaction to financial turmoil

    Euro & Finance 06-09-2007

    Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Joaquín Almunia sought to reassure Parliament that the real economy was in good shape, despite the on-going turmoil in financial markets. However, some MEPs have urged for regulatory action to be taken, especially targeting hedge funds.