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Future EU 11-06-2018

Thorning-Schmidt makes Brussels appearance, promotes conservative social-democracy

Former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who was also the leader of the Social Democrats in her country from 2005 to 2015, made an appearance in Brussels today (11 June) offering her views how the EU should better makes it case globally and improve internally.
Elections 19-06-2015

Rightist coalition wins Danish election

An alliance of right-wing parties won the Danish general election on Thursday evening (18 June), in an extremely close race marked by the dramatic rise of the far-right Danish People's Party, which became the country’s second biggest political force.
Elections 15-06-2015

As election nears, Danish parties vow tighter immigration rules

Little over a week before a parliamentary election, in which the right-wing Danish People's Party (DF) has a chance of entering a governing coalition, immigration has become a hot topic and the party's rhetoric on curbing foreigners coming to Denmark has been adopted by mainstream parties.
Elections 27-05-2015

Danish PM calls general election for 18 June

Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt on Wednesday (27 May) called a general election, to be held on 18 June. Recent polls suggest the election could become a true thriller.
Global Europe 20-03-2015

EU leaders struggle to keep unity vis-à-vis Russia

At their summit on Thursday night (19 March), EU heads of state and government couldn’t decide on an automatic roll-over of sanctions against Russia, which will expire in July. They also could not agree on having deals with Gazprom scrutinised by the European Commission, either.
Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Danes seek ‘flexible’ opt-in on EU justice and home affairs

The Danish government reached an agreement Tuesday morning (17 March) on which parts of the EU's Justice and Home Affairs agenda will be submitted to an upcoming referendum. 

Merkel pledges protection for Jews in Germany

In the wake of the terror attacks in Copenhagen, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on European Jews to emigrate to Israel, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged protection for Jews in Germany. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Global Europe 16-02-2015

Danish PM promises new measures to fight terrorism after attacks in Copenhagen

Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt on Sunday (15 February) said she would propose new measures in the fight against extremism and radicalisation, following the shootings in Copenhagen over the weekend which left three people dead, including the suspected gunman, as well as five policemen injured.
Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Paris killings cement Danish referendum on EU justice opt-out

Following the attacks in France last week, Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt is looking into how the Danish secret service can get extra resources to fight terrorism, and push forward a referendum on its opt-out from EU justice and home affairs cooperation.

Uranium a hot topic again, in Greenland

?The upcoming general elections in Greenland may see the country moving away from the idea of extracting and exploiting uranium, which the government voted in favour of just a year ago.
Elections 08-10-2014

Danish PM postpones EU referendum

Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt on Tuesday (7 October) announced she will call for a referendum on one of the country's four opt-outs if reelected. She had previously promised the referendum would take place during her first term in office.
EU Elections 2014 31-08-2014

Denmark nominates Margrethe Vestager as Commissioner

Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt on Sunday morning (31 August) revealed that she has nominated Economics and Internal Affairs Minister Margrethe Vestager as the country's next Commissioner.
Global Europe 16-07-2014

Socialists back Mogherini for EU foreign affairs chief

Socialist Prime Ministers are meeting today (16 July) to give their support for Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini to become the next EU foreign affairs chief, ahead of an EU summit where at least four Eastern European countries are expected to object to her candidacy.
EU Elections 2014 15-07-2014

Kroes supports Danish PM for EU Council job

Neelie Kroes, the Dutch EU Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, has publicly endorsed the Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt to become the next President of the European Council, ahead of a key EU summit on Wednesday (16 July).
EU Priorities 2020 10-07-2014

Juncker may punish Cameron with top job carve-up

Britain may come away empty-handed when EU leaders finalise a package of top EU jobs next week, due to its fierce opposition to Jean-Claude Juncker's appointment as the next European Commission president.
Jean-Claude Juncker [European People's Party/Flickr]
EU Priorities 2020 10-07-2014

Juncker wants more women in new Commission team

Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission's President-designate, has urged national governments to appoint more women in his new team of commissioners, and promised to reward those that do so with a big portfolio or vice-presidency.
Future EU 20-06-2014

Merkel praises Danish PM, hints at outsider for EU Council job

German Chancellor Angela Merkel heaped praise on Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt on Thursday (19 June) and said there was no reason why the next president of the European Council should not come from a non-eurozone country such as Denmark.
Helle Thorning-Schmidt
EU Elections 2014 17-06-2014

Danish PM: EU top job speculation ‘disturbs my work’

Ahead of a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt denied rumours that she could be offered an EU position, saying the constant speculation was interfering with her work.
Helle Thorning-Schmidt
EU Priorities 2020 27-05-2014

Unexpected elections result might make Danish PM decline EU job

Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, whose name has been floated in Brussels, might choose to decline an EU post after making a surprisingly good showing at the European Parliament elections on Sunday.

Danes support EU patent court in referendum

With a clear 'yes', the Danes have voted to join the EU's Unified Patent Court. According to DR television news, 33.7% of Danes supported the patent court, 20.2% voted against, and 44.2% decided not to vote. 
EU Elections 2014 26-05-2014

Danish far right party wins in EU elections, doubles mandate

The far-right Eurosceptic Danish People's Party has won 26.7% of the votes and becoming by far the biggest Danish party in the Parliament with four seats. The party has doubled its mandates since 2009.  
"EU leaders". Photo Georgi Gotev
EU Elections 2014 05-05-2014

None of the leading candidates will be Commission President: analyst

None of the three leading candidates will become President of the Commission, José Ignacio Torreblanca, senior research fellow of the European Council on Foreign Relations has told EURACTIV.  Instead, EU leaders will choose a “Barroso-type” compromise candidate, he said.
Elections 07-04-2014

Katainen seeks top EU job

The race for the European Union's leadership has turned murkier, with the news that Finland's prime minister is stepping down to seek a European role, while France is touting its ex-finance minister as its nominee for a European Commission post.
Helle Thorning-Schmidt
EU Elections 2014 07-04-2014

Danish PM denies candidacy for EU job

At the EU-Africa summit in Brussels last Wednesday (3 April), Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt stated that she is not looking for a top job in the Belgian capital.