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EU Priorities 2020 16-07-2014

Thorning-Schmidt: I am not a candidate for the European Council presidency

Speaking to journalists on her arrival at the June EU Summit, Danish Prime Minster Helle Thorning-Schmidt said that "It is likely we will not find a solution tonight" on who will be the next President of the European Council A day after the EU Parliament elected Jean-Claude Juncker to head the European Commission, the 28 EU leaders gathered in Brussels on Wednesday to discuss who will become the next European Council President and EU's foreign affairs chief.
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EU Priorities 2020 10-07-2014

Female commissioners call for gender equality in new Commission

Top EU officials warned on Thursday that the next Commission will lack in women, unless more governments put forward female candidates for the Commissioner posts.
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EU Priorities 2020 27-06-2014

Thorning-Schmidt: Juncker is an experienced politician

Speaking ahead of a European Council meeting in Brussels on Friday, Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt said that Jean-Claude Juncker is an 'experienced politician'.
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Future EU 14-03-2013

Danish PM arrives at the March 2013 EU Summit

An EU summit opening in Brussels today (14 March) is expected to see leaders offer conflicting views on the economy, with France’s Socialist President François Hollande leading calls for Europe to loosen the austerity policies adopted in response to the eurozone debt crisis. Hollande will find an unexpected ally in UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who also backs a more “flexible” approach to debt policing.
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Economy & Jobs 13-12-2012

Danish PM: We have found good solutions for non-eurozone countries

Speaking to journalists outside the European Council, Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt said on Thursday that "it is a good day for Europe". "We've found good solutions for non-eurozone countries", she added.
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Central Europe 12-01-2012

Barroso warns Hungary it needs to comply with EU laws

The European Union will make sure that Hungary complies with all the bloc's laws, the head of the bloc's executive promised on Thursday. Hungary's conservative government is under fire for a series of new laws and constitutional amendments which critics say unduly concentrate powers on a range of matters - from finances to election law - with the administration.
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Future EU 06-01-2012

Danish ‘Lego presidency’ could deliver lasting legacy for Europe

The Danish presidency of the European Union comes at one of the most difficult moments in the union's history. It's biggest challenge: Keeping the EU construct together. The financial crisis has driven a wedge between euro and non-euro countries, with David Cameron's UK seeking isolation from the rest of Europe at a time that the global economy is becoming increasingly interdependent. Denmark joined the EU in 1973, at the same time as the UK, and it's the 7th time that it now holds the EU presidency.