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Energy 17-11-2015

Putin and Gabriel team up on Nord Stream 2 against Brussels

Germany's Minister of  Finance, Sigmar Gabriel (SPD), has aligned himself with Vladimir Putin on the Nord Stream gas-pipeline expansion issue. EURACTIV's partner Tagesspiegel reports.
Euro & Finance 27-02-2015

German centre-right ‘disappointed’ over extension of French deficit deadline

France was required to comply with EU deficit restrictions by 2015, but the European Commission is giving the country an extension until 2017, garnering sharp criticism from Germany’s centre-right in the European Parliament. EURACTIV Germany reports.
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has promised to finally implement reforms in the eurozone's second-largest economy. [Mathieu Delmestre/Parti socialiste/Flickr]
Euro & Finance 23-09-2014

German conservatives cast doubt on French reform pledges

On a visit to Berlin, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls pledged to get France’s budget back on track and called for "trust from the German people", a demand met with scepticism from Germany's centre-right. EURACTIV.de reports.
Despite predictions that German Commissioner Günther Oettinger would win the coveted trade portfolio, President-elect Juncker put the former Energy Commissioner in charge of the digital agenda. Brussels, 2014 [EC]
EU Priorities 2020 11-09-2014

German politicians condemn ‘wrong’ Commission appointments for France, UK

Giving the UK's oversight of financial stability, and a Frenchman the economic affairs portfolio, triggered harsh criticism in Berlin. EURACTIV Germany reports.