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Climate change 08-11-2012

EU scales back planned F-gas bans, opts for phase-out

The EU has abandoned plans to ban global warming fluorinated gases from Europe’s commercial and industrial refrigerators, opting largely for a ‘phase-down’ approach intended to reduce the industry’s greenhouse gas emissions to a third of today’s levels by 2030.
Climate change 26-08-2011

Europe emits huge unreported F-gas cloud: Report

European chemical manufacturers are covertly venting huge quantities of the powerful 'super greenhouse gas' HFC-23, according to a study by the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA).
Climate change 24-01-2011

Europe votes to ban industrial gas credits

Carbon credits gained by destroying controversial HFC-23 and nitrous oxide industrial gases will be banned from Europe's emissions trading scheme (ETS) after a vote by EU member-state representatives.