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Health 06-12-2016

European Accessibility Act ‘not future-proof enough’

The EU tech industry has criticised the European Commission’s draft Accessibility Act, saying it is too prescriptive and fails to provide incentives for innovative businesses to develop the solutions that will make life easier for people with disabilities.

Europe looks to laser-technology to blaze innovation

SPECIAL REPORT / Cutting edge laser technologies were amongst the prize winners and nominees as the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) crowned Europe’s best innovators at a glitzy awards ceremony in Budapest last week (6 May).
German Minister of Research and Education Johanna Wanka hopes that more integration between the research and economic sectors will boost growth and create added benefit in the workplace. Leipzig, 2013 [WorldSkills/Flickr]

Berlin launches new High-Tech Strategy (HTS)

The German government unveiled its High-Tech Strategy on Wednesday (3 September), intended to boost integration between the research and economic sectors. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Trade & Society 17-08-2010

EU-WTO dispute ruling on high-tech products

The European Commission yesterday (16 August) criticised the World Trade Organisation, which ordered the bloc to remove high-tech import tariffs on electronic goods based on a complaint lodged by the US, Japan and Taiwan. The EU executive said it had not yet decided whether to appeal against the ruling.