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Agrifood 03-07-2012

GMO ban: Risks for science-based assessments

French President François Hollande will face judicial problems over the ban on the cultivation of genetically modified plants, and this has widespread implications for science-based risk assessment in the EU, argue Marcel Kuntz, John Davison and Agnès E. Ricroch.
Elections 19-06-2012

Voters push the EU in the wrong direction

The outcome of Greece's 17 June election disappointed Europe not because of the choice it made, but because the country was crippled with indecision, says George Friedman. The analysis was first published by Stratfor.
Enlargement 19-06-2012

How Hollande could help Turkey’s EU bid

François Hollande's choice of Laurent Fabius as foreign minister and Bernard Cazeneuve as European affairs minister suggests that he has little appetite for further enlargement of the EU, argue Can Selçuki and Eldar Mamedov.
Energy 23-05-2012

Energy savings: The stimulus Europe needs

European leaders have to understand that the greatest source of energy in the future will be learning how to use it more efficiently, say Sam Hägglund and Ulrich Paetzold.