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Languages & Culture 15-01-2018

British Council boss: Brexit won’t change the way we help the world

The British Council will continue to do the work it has always done, despite Brexit, and its priorities in areas like Eastern Europe, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East remain as important as ever, said the organisation’s CEO in a wide-ranging interview.
Economy & Jobs 06-04-2017

Planet discoverer calls for ‘strong promotion’ of EU research

The researcher behind Trappist-1, a system of planets that could contain life, and Innovation Commissioner Carlos Moedas talked to EURACTIV.com about the importance of EU support. They also played down a PR war with NASA that erupted when the discovery was first made public.

Moedas: ‘Countries that increased spending in R+D better weathered the crisis’

Innovation was a top priority for the world's most powerful nations at the G20 meeting last September, in Hangzhou. However, Europe still has some “negative trends” to address, says Commissioner Carlos Moedas.
Energy 21-06-2016

Fawkes: Let’s move energy efficiency away from the subsidised world

There are lots of investors and lenders now who want to deploy capital into energy efficiency. But the lack of standardisation, which causes uncertainty, is a barrier, Steven Fawkes told EURACTIV Czech Republic in an exclusive interview.
Technology 13-10-2015

Moedas: Europe’s industries have to go digital

Europe has a good industrial basis, with strong traditional sectors. But EU countries are “not making the merge with the digital world,” warns Carlos Moedas, saying the transition will be “the most crucial area for getting it right or wrong for Europe”.

Negrescu: Do not cut funding from the “Horizon 2020” programme!

Research and development can open the EU to new ideas and technologies that can help us manage cheaper energy costs, cheaper industry costs, and a cleaner and safer environment for all the EU. If anything we have to increase funding in R&D, not cut it, says Victor Negrescu.
Brexit 20-12-2012

Unilever R&D chief: ‘Cut bureaucracy in EU research programmes’

The Dutch multinational Unilever wants to increase its participation in EU research programmes to develop the breakthrough environmental technologies. But for that to happen, the level of bureaucracy needs to be drastically reduced, says Dr. Hans Dröge, senior vice president for R&D operations at Unilever.

Carvalho MEP: Hold firm to Horizon 2020 commitments

The EU's research budget must not be allowed to dip below a minimum of €80 billion as a result of the ongoing budget negotiations for 2014-2020, says Portuguese MEP Maria da Graça Carvalho, the European Parliament's rapporteur on the EU's proposed Horizon 2020 research programme.

Research Council chief: More cash, less change for Horizon 2020

Under the European Commission’s new proposal for funding the eighth framework programme – Horizon 2020 – the European Research Council (ERC) is set to see a 77% boost in funds to €13.2 billion. ERC President Helga Nowotny tells EURACTIV that Horizon represents a validation of its success.
Regional Policy 10-11-2011

Scientist-MEP: ‘If necessary, divert cash from agriculture to research’

Portuguese MEP Maria da Graça Carvalho (European People's Party) is calling for more structural funds to be used for research in a new report to be discussed at a Parliamentary workshop later this month. She is a firm believer that Europe needs to spend more on science and research to emerge from its current economic malaise.