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Babies exposed to endocrine-disruptors in medical products, new study shows

Recent research published found that new-borns in intensive care units are in contact with a variety of medical products that contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) such as bisphenol A (BPA) and parabens.
Economy & Jobs 26-11-2019

EU on course to allow in more US beef from 2020

European Union plans to allow more US beef imports cleared a key hurdle on Monday (25 November) when EU lawmakers specialising in trade backed the move, which is likely to ease transatlantic tensions.
Trade & Society 29-04-2016

EU and US say they don’t aim at ‘TTIP-light’

US and European Union trade officials said yesterday (28 April) they would not settle for a limited trans-Atlantic free trade deal that ignores deep divisions on agricultural products, services, public procurement and dispute resolution.

MEPs block Commission proposal to recycle hormone disrupting plastics

The European Parliament overwhelmingly rejected the Commission's plans to allow the recycling of PVC plastics containing DEHP, a hormone disruptor banned in the EU since February 2015. Our partner Journal de l'Environnement reports
Health 20-11-2015

Vitamin D deficiency increases risk of cardiovascular disease

A vitamin D deficiency can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease by 35%. This risk is particularly high in Northern Europe, which has relatively few sunlight hours. EURACTIV France reports

Hormone disrupters found in two thirds of French lettuce

An investigation has found that the majority of French lettuce contains traces of hormone disrupting chemicals, some of which are banned. Journal de l'Environnement reports

France overturns ban on BPA in export products

A ruling by the French Constitutional Council has undermined the country's ban on Bisphenol A. France's highest court ruled that manufacturers can continue export products that contain the substance. EURACTIV France reports

MEPs want stronger regulation on chemicals affecting hormones

The EU must take action to reduce human's exposure to suspected hormone-affecting endocrine disruptors. Current regulation should be closely examined with a view to updating or proposing new legislation by June 2015 at the latest, the European Parliament's Public Health Committee said in resolution approved yesterday (23 January).
Agrifood 15-03-2012

MEPs’ vote ends EU-US row on hormone-treated beef

The European Parliament approved a deal between the EU and both the United States and Canada on hormone-treated beef yesterday (14 March), ending one of the trading powers' oldest disputes.
Trade & Society 02-04-2008

EU, US at odds over WTO beef ruling

A long-awaited World Trade Organisation ruling concerning an EU ban on the import of hormone beef from the US and Canada has led both sides to claim victory, but the US says the EU has got it wrong.
Health 24-04-2002

EU tests confirm health risk of using growth hormones

The EU Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures relating to Public Health (SCVPH) confirmed that the use of hormones as growth promoters in cattle poses a potential health risk to consumers, following a review of 17 studies and other recent scientific data.
Health 22-02-2002

EU to ease tests on American “guaranteed hormone-free” beef

The Standing Veterinary Committee has given a favourable opinion to a European Commission proposal to ease tests on imports of US hormone-free beef, as tests found no suspect products since 1999.

Parliament backs hormones ban proposal

European Parliament supports Commission's proposal to maintain ban on six hormones used as growth promoters in cattle

Beef and bananas top agenda at EU-US Summit

In the final EU-US Summit of President Clinton's term of office it is again trade issues that top the agenda.
Global Europe 25-05-2000

New legislation for hormone-treated beef

The Commission yesterday proposed new legislation to reinforce bans on hormone-treated beef